What does Lac stand for in Louisiana?

What does Lac stand for in Louisiana?

This handbook will introduce you to various aspects of the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC), including the codification system, the format, and the process of promulgating the LAC. The LAC is the official compilation of administrative rules published by agencies and boards in the state of Louisiana.

What is the Louisiana register?

The Louisiana Register is a monthly publication which provides access to the certified regulations and legal notices issued by the executive branch of the state government. State statutes direct agencies to engage in the rulemaking process in order to implement new state and federal laws.

What is the full title of the Louisiana Administrative Code?

Louisiana Administrative Code

LAC Title (PDF) Last Amended Date
Title 1, Administrative Law October 2020
Title 4, Administration June 2021
Title 7, Agriculture and Animals April 2022
Title 10, Financial Institutions, Consumer Credit, Investment Securities and UCC October 2020

What is the purpose of the Texas Administrative Code?

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) is a compilation of all state agency rules in Texas. There are 16 titles in the TAC. Each title represents a category and related agencies are assigned to the appropriate title. The following TAC titles apply to health and human services.

What designation is Lac?

Professional Titles

Abbreviation Title
LAc, Lic. Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist
MAOM Master, Art of Oriental Medicine
MSOM Master, Science of Oriental Medicine
MTCM Master, Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is a lac in the medical field?

Lac. laceration. lactate. LAD. left anterior descending (a coronary artery)

Do I need to register my business in Louisiana?

Most businesses are required to register with the Louisiana Secretary of State Office. For example, if your business is a corporation, a non-profit, a limited liability company or a partnership (limited, or limited liability), you must register your business with the state.

How can I get a free EIN number in Louisiana?

Apply for a Louisiana Tax ID (EIN) Number Online To begin your application select the type of organization or entity you are attempting to obtain a Tax ID (EIN) Number in Louisiana for. After completing the application you will receive your Tax ID (EIN) Number via e-mail.

How do I cite the Louisiana Administrative Code?

Section I-103 – Citation of the Louisiana Administrative Code A. Without prejudice to any other mode of citation, the Louisiana Administrative Code may be cited by Title, Part and Section number. The preferred short form of citation of the Louisiana Administrative Code is “LAC.” Thus, “LAC 35:XI.

Who enforces Texas health and Safety Code?

The commission shall enforce this chapter except for Subchapter H, which shall be enforced exclusively through the private civil enforcement actions described by Section 171.208 and may not be enforced by the commission. Amended by Acts 2021, Texas Acts of the 87th Leg.