What does Southampton hospital Specialise in?

What does Southampton hospital Specialise in?

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust provides services to around 1.9 million people living in Southampton and south Hampshire, plus specialist services such as neurosciences, cardiac services and children’s intensive care to more than 3.7 million people in central southern England and the Channel …

What is the main hospital in Southampton?

Southampton General Hospital
Southampton General Hospital is the Trust’s largest location, with a great number of specialist services based here, ranging from neurosciences and oncology to pathology and cardiology.

How good is Southampton hospital?

The Care Quality Commission has rated University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust as Good overall. CQC visited the trust during December 2018 and January 2019 to check the quality of four core services – the emergency department, outpatients, medicine and maternity.

Is University hospital Southampton the same as Southampton General Hospital?

Southampton General Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Southampton, Hampshire, England run by University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Can you visit patients in Southampton General Hospital?

All inpatients can have one visitor, for one hour, once per day (pre-arranged/booked with the ward with an agreed timeslot). Ideally one designated visitor but where necessary, other visitors can be allocated to visit the patient.

How many beds does Southampton hospital have?

1,362Princess Anne Hospital / Number of beds

How far is Southampton hospital from train station?

2 miles
The distance between Southampton General Hospital and Southampton Central Station is 2 miles.

Is there a park and ride for Southampton hospital?

The Hospital currently operates a Park & Ride shuttle service for staff from the site to the University Hospital Southampton.

How much does it cost to park at Southampton General Hospital?

Parking charges

Period of stay Charge
Up to 5 hours £6.70
Up to 6 hours £9.00
Between 6 and 12 hours £12.00
Between 12 and 24 hours £15.00

Is there a taxi rank at Southampton General Hospital?

There is also a taxi rank outside the main entrance at SGH, and a free taxi phone in the corridor just inside the main entrance.

How far is Southampton Hospital from train station?

Is there a park and ride for Southampton Hospital?