What does the frog do in level 611 in candy Crush?

What does the frog do in level 611 in candy Crush?

The frog can be matched like a normal candy, it will eat the same color candies and grow. After it consumes enough candies the frog will start pulsing. You can click on it once, hover, and bring it to another part of the board you want to clear. It will then create a wave and take the candies around the selected area.

How do you beat level 547 in candy Crush Saga?


  1. Focus on destroying the frosting first, as the jellies are located underneath them.
  2. Once most, if not all of the frosting are destroyed, you can use colour bombs to destroy the jellies.
  3. Try to destroy the chocolate from the chocolate fountain as soon as possible to prevent them becoming a nuisance later.

How do you move the frog on level 4865 on candy Crush?

You need to collect the keys on the left side which will unlock the middle part of the board including the frog. Once the keys are collected try to grow the frog as you are clearing the jelly, the frog can be used to uncover the waffles and the cherry so that it will be possible to collect the cherry.

How do you beat level 1463?

Level 1463 is the third level in Dessert Desert and the 409th ingredients level. To pass this level, you must collect 4 cherries in 20 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points….World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – The Loop.

Level 1463 ⚡
Difficulty Easy

How do you get rid of the frogs in candy crush level 532?

During Sugar Crush, a frog is ignored by a colour bomb explosion. Using the frog when it is activated does not cost a move unless it’s a moves level. The frog can land on regular chocolate to destroy it.

How do you smash the frogs in candy crush?

The frog is just treated like a normal candy, so match it with colours of the same colour. Once the frog is full (three to four matches, or hits) it will syart to pulse. When it is pulsing click on the frog (body) and you can then place it on another candy. Once positioned it will blow up.