What does yuck factor mean?

What does yuck factor mean?

The wisdom of repugnance or “appeal to disgust”, also known informally as the yuck factor, is the belief that an intuitive (or “deep-seated”) negative response to some thing, idea, or practice should be interpreted as evidence for the intrinsically harmful or evil character of that thing.

What can I say instead of yuck?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for yuck, like: yuk, ugh, ewww, aargh, Grrrr and urgh.

How do you use yuck factor in a sentence?


  1. ‘water recycling is problematic even aside from the yuck factor of drinking purified sewage’
  2. ‘There’s a big yuck factor in the kiss.
  3. ‘Underlying much of the concern about a calf that is not even herself a clone is the “yuck factor”.
  4. ‘Somewhere in between lies what one can call the yuck factor.

What is another word for big factor?

What is another word for factor?

element determinant
trait antecedent
building block contributing factor
determining factor integral part
part and parcel member

What is yuck factor regarding genetics?

The so-called yuck factor, a term coined by University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Arthur Caplan to describe the influence of instinctive responses against new technology, has a wide scope.

What repugnance means?

Definition of repugnance 1a : the quality or fact of being contradictory or inconsistent. b : an instance of such contradiction or inconsistency. 2 : strong dislike, distaste, or antagonism.

What does Grose mean?

English: nickname for a large or fat man, from Old French gros, ‘big’, ‘fat’ (see Gros).

What is meant by detestation?

Definition of detestation 1 : extreme hatred or dislike : abhorrence, loathing. 2 : an object of hatred or contempt.

What is a good synonym for factor?

synonyms for factor

  • aspect.
  • cause.
  • circumstance.
  • component.
  • consideration.
  • element.
  • influence.
  • ingredient.

What is the synonym of predominating?

Some common synonyms of predominant are dominant, paramount, and preponderant. While all these words mean “superior to all others in influence or importance,” predominant applies to something that exerts, often temporarily, the most marked influence.

What is meant by repugnance?