What exactly is the chocolate train in Switzerland?

What exactly is the chocolate train in Switzerland?

The Switzerland Chocolate Train is a cheese and chocolate theme train from Montreux to Gruyeres and to Broc. This Chocolate Train Tour includes the Cailler Chocolate factory, a visit to the cheese factory and time to explore Gruyeres and its castle.

Is chocolate train covered by Swiss Pass?

The chocolate train operates between 01 May and 30 September. On operation days, the chocolate train has 3 different departure times. This route is fully covered by the Swiss Travel Pass (Flex) and GA travelcard.

How long is the Chocolate Train Switzerland?

The Chocolate Train leaves from the rail station of Montreux in the morning. After a beautiful 45-minute train ride along the GoldenPass route you’ll reach the town of Montbovon, where you’ll transfer to a bus. The bus takes you to your first culinary destination: the cheese factory La Maison du Gruyère.

How long is the chocolate train?

Caribe Royale Orlando has created a new holiday tradition this year with the “Caribe Royale North Pole Express” — a 32-foot model train completely made of chocolate.

Where is the Nestle factory in Switzerland?

La Maison Callier Chocolaterie is in the small town Broc near Gruyères and Bulle in canton Fribourg in western Switzerland. Getting to the chocolate factory is easiest by car – use the Autobahn highway A9 (Bern via Fribourg to Vevey on Lake Geneva) and exit at Bulle.

How long is the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz?

approximately 7 and a half hours
If you travel the full length of the route between Zermatt and St. Moritz then your Glacier Express trip takes approximately 7 and a half hours, carrying you across 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. Your hours aboard allow you to sit back, relax, and take in the unspoiled natural scenery of the Swiss Alps.

How long is the Golden Pass train ride?

5.5 hours
A journey on the GoldenPass You need to switch trains in Interlaken and Zweisimmen. The entire route takes almost 5.5 hours. It’s ideal for travelers who enter Switzerland by plane and only plan a short stay. Zurich airport is just one hour from Lucerne, and Geneva airport is just 75 minutes from Montreux.

Where does the chocolate train depart from?

The Chocolate Train leaves from the main station of Montreux, simply called ‘Montreux’ in the timetable. You will travel to Montbovon on a GoldenPass Belle Epoque train, indicated by ‘PE’ (Panoramic Express) in the timetable.

How many chocolate factories are there in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to 17 chocolate manufacturers and many small and medium-sized chocolate makers. The largest manufacturers are Barry Callebaut and Lindt & Sprüngli . These multinationals were both founded in Switzerland.

Is Nescafe from Switzerland?

However, Nescafé, an internationally recognized brand of instant coffee, was developed here in Switzerland and launched in 1938. More than 75 years later, Nescafé is ranked as the top Swiss brand by Interbrand for 2016.

What is the Swiss Chocolate Train?

The Swiss Chocolate Train combines Switzerland’s best exports — chocolate and cheese — with a gorgeous train ride through the mountains. The entire ride is nine hours of chocolate, cheese and the Swiss countryside.

What is the Chocolate Train in Montreux?

The Chocolate Train is a fully arranged day trip by train and bus from Montreux. You’ll visit the lovely town of Gruyères and the nearby cheese and chocolate factories. About tickets and prices. The Chocolate Train route in detail.

What days does the Chocolate train run?

Normally, the Chocolate train operates as follows: May – June: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays July – August: daily September – October: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Do you need a train ticket for the Chocolate Train?

There is no need to book the much more expensive guided tour- “Chocolate Train” to the same places. … If you don’t want to pay extra for the structured tour, you can just buy train tickets (or use your railpass) on the local trains. They run generally every half hour between all destinations.