What happened to the lead singer of La Bouche?

What happened to the lead singer of La Bouche?

Melanie Thornton, 34, an American pop singer who established a career in Germany, died Saturday in an airplane crash in Switzerland. Thornton was traveling from Berlin to Zurich for a live performance when her plane went down in a wooded area near Zurich’s airport, killing her and 23 others, officials said.

Who died with Melanie Thornton?

Thornton was one of the 24 passeners and crew killed during the crash. Also killed were two members of the pop trio Passion Fruit, Maria Serrano-Serrano and Nathaly van het Ende. The third member of the group, Debby St.

What is La Bouche real name?

Melanie Janene Thornton (May 13, 1967 – November 24, 2001) was an American pop and dance music singer. She was the lead singer of the Eurodance group La Bouche from 1994 to 2000, alongside American rapper Lane McCray….

Melanie Thornton
Labels X-Cell Music, Sony Music, Epic
Associated acts La Bouche Le Click

Who was Melanie Thornton married to?

Christian ThorntonMelanie Thornton / Spouse (m.?–2001)

What happened La Bouche?

While promoting it, and a re-release of her solo album Ready to Fly, she lost her life in a plane crash near Zurich on November 24, 2001. After her passing, the single went on to become her biggest solo hit, reaching number 3 on the German singles chart.

What happened to Melanie La Bouche?

Melanie Thornton one of 33 passengers aboard Crossair plane that crashed Saturday. Melanie Thornton, singer for the dance-pop duo La Bouche, died in Saturday’s plane crash near Zurich, Switzerland.

Are the Beautiful South still together?

The Beautiful South have split up after 19 years together. The band rose from the ashes of The Housemartins, two of whom, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway, formed the outfit in 1988.

What happened to the girl band Passion Fruit?

Plane crash On 24 November 2001, the group was on board Crossair Flight 3597 from Berlin to Zurich when it crashed into a wooded range of hills 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) short of the runway on approach towards Zurich International Airport, near the town of Bassersdorf.

Why are they called the Beautiful South?

The Housemartins often claimed to have set a fixed lifespan for themselves, and the members duly brought the band to an end in 1988 at the height of its success. Heaton and Hemingway immediately began work on setting up a new band, naming it “The Beautiful South” as a sarcastic comment on their staunch Northern roots.

What is the meaning of bouche?

Definition of bouche (Entry 1 of 3) 1 obsolete : an allowance of food and drink for retinue in a royal or noble household. 2 : a slit in the edge of a medieval shield for a sword blade or a rounded opening for the shaft of a lance. bouche.

What is a La Bouche?

Translation of “la bouche” in English. Noun Adjective. his mouth. her mouth. oral the mouth your mouth my mouth the palate the lips their mouth muzzle.