What is a Big Book Step Study meeting?

What is a Big Book Step Study meeting?

Big Book Step Study Group Preamble It was voted by group conscience that the purpose of this meeting is to help alcoholics achieve sobriety by the studying, discussing, and practicing of the Twelve Steps as they are laid out in the Big Book.

What is the Hyannis method?

The Hyannis Method Usually lasts an hour and a half with no break. It’s divided into three basic parts: the reading, the speaker, and discussion of the step being studied. The Readings for the 12 Steps in the Big Book. Also known as the cycle, or step rotation, this is a 15-week rotation of readings.

When did Big Book Step Study Start?

Big Book Step Study (BBSS) is a particular style of recovery meeting as well as a very structured and specific directions to working the 12 steps as laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the mid 1980’s Big Book Step Study was created by 5 AA members in Hyannis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

What books are read AA meetings?

Twelve Steps Twelve Traditions Originally published in 1952, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is the classic book used by AA. This basic text for AA members and groups around the world lays out the principles by which members recover and by which the fellowship functions.

What is a turnaround in AA?

The “Turnarounds” were invented by some AA members in Massachusetts in the late 80’s. It’s often a 6-12 month 4th step section where a person writes about a paragraph on page 67. Many great and highly respected AA’s have had favorable experiences doing 9-12 month long 4th steps.

What is a literature AA meeting?

Literature meetings are devoted to the study and discussion of the Big Book or other A.A.-approved literature.

Where does step 1 start in the big book?

Step 1 We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable. This Step is described on Roman numeral pages 25 – 32 (xxv – xxxii), on pages 1 – 44:1, and 52:2.

Why is it called Big Book?

The printer, Edward Blackwell of the Cornwall Press, was told to use the thickest paper in his shop. The large, bulky volume became known as the “Big Book” and the name has stuck ever since.

How do you write a 4th step?

A Guide to Writing Your 4th Step

  1. Resentments. List any thoughts, experiences, memories, ideas, beliefs, or observations from your entire life that currently cause you negative emotional or mental experiences.
  2. Fears. Listing your fears may feel like an endless task.
  3. Sexual Conduct/Harm Done to Others.

Where have we been selfish dishonest self seeking and frightened?

“Putting out of our minds the wrongs others had done, we resolutely looked for our own mistakes. Where had we been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking and frightened?”