What is a Flensing tool?

What is a Flensing tool?

Flensing tool or blubber spade; made from iron which has badly corroded. The tool consists of a long handle with a narrow spade-like appendage at the end. It was found during archaeological excavations at Fyffe House in 2007. Flensing tools such as this one were used to remove the skin and blubber of a whale.

How to flense a whale?

“Flensing” the Whale The captain and mate strip the blubber (the fatty, outer layer of skin) from the whale’s body. This is called ‘flensing’. A large hook is inserted behind the whale’s front fin. This is attached with ropes and chains to a system of pulleys.

What was the use of whale oil?

Long utilized for lubricating fine instruments, whale oil was treated with sulfur to provide high-pressure lubricants used in machinery, and it was also important in the manufacture of varnish, leather, linoleum, and rough cloth (especially jute).

What is Scrimshaw made of?

scrimshaw, the decoration of bone or ivory objects, such as whale’s teeth or walrus tusks, with fanciful designs. The designs, executed by whale fishermen of American and Anglo-American origin, were carved with either a jackknife or a sail needle and then emphasized with black pigments, commonly lampblack.

Is scrimshaw worth money?

Prices range from less than $1,000 to $75,000 or more, with ongoing scholarship increasing the interest of collectors and the values of scrimshaw.

Is it illegal to buy scrimshaw?

19th and 20th century scrimshaw, scrimshaw crafted before 1989 (elephant) or before 1973 (sperm whale ivory, walrus ivory etc.) is legal. It is prohibited after that year for commercial import in the U.S. under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

How to use slip on flange?

Slip on flange has to connect with a pipe firstly, then connect a fitting. (Combination of flange+elbow, or flange+tee not available, since the fittings not in a straight end, it can not slide completely into the flange bore. )

What is a slip-on flange?

Among the wide variety of forged flanges are some sliding types commonly called slip-on flanges. This is a type of flange that is low-cost and easy to install. Slip-on flanges are known for their low materials cost and easy installation.

What is the flensing spell?

Flensing was an alteration spell that stripped the flesh from a target person or creature. The duration of the spell was broken down into four stages, each lasting only a matter of seconds. During each of the first three stages the victim experienced tremendous pain and agony as their flesh was torn within their body.

What is the function of raised face slip on flange?

There is a small portion extruded from the bottom face of the slip on flange, this type is raised face slip on flange. The function of this area is to place a gasket seat during installation to get a better sealing performance.