What is a near coastal voyage?

What is a near coastal voyage?

near-coastal voyage means a voyage within the 200 nautical mile EEZ of PNG and includes voyages, trades and operation of vessels to and from the mainland and within the groups of islands that comprise PNG.

What is considered US coastal waters?

“Coastal waters” includes the waters of the Great Lakes, the territorial seas of the United States, and: Those waters directly connected to the Great Lakes and territorial seas (i.e., bays, sounds, harbors, rivers, inlets, etc.)

What does near coastal waters mean?

Near-coastal means ocean waters not more than 200 miles offshore from the U.S. and its possessions, except for MMCs endorsed as Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel for which near-coastal is limited to waters not more than 100 miles offshore from the U.S. and its possessions.

What is NCV shipping?

Acronym used in proforma invoices and commercial invoices to express that the merchandise shipped, usually samples. do not have commercial value and therefore do not pay tariffs in customs clearance.

Whats the difference between inland and near coastal?

The term “inland waters” refers to those waters shoreward of the boundary line. “Near-coastal waters” means those waters seaward of the boundary line out to 200 miles offshore.

Are coastal waters freshwater?

Coastal waters are transition areas where freshwater and marine water come together. Inland, freshwater streams and rivers flow toward the shorelines and empty into the ocean. This creates transitional areas that include marshes, swamps, estuaries, tidal pools, beaches, and inlets.

What is NCV COC?

Currently Indian seafarers who have limited endorsement of the Near Coastal Voyages (NCV) areas on their Certificate of Competency (COC) have their employment avenues restricted to the Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar and Sri Lanka (BIMMS) area under existing provisions of Regulation 1/3, which entered into force …

What does NCV stand for?

National Certificate Vocational
National Certificate Vocational (NCV) & National Accredited Technical Diploma implementation: Department of Higher Education & Training briefing.

Is the Chesapeake Bay considered near Coastal?

Lakes, Bays, sounds, Rivers, and Inter Coastal Waterways are considered shoreward/Inland (i.e., Chesapeake Bay or San Fransisco Bay are considered shoreward/Inland water).