What is another way to say jump through hoops?

What is another way to say jump through hoops?

What is another word for jump through hoops?

attempt try
bend over backwards take the bit between your teeth
do one’s best do your utmost
give your all break your neck
give it your best shot give something a go

What does the phrase jumping through hoops mean?

Definition of jump through hoops informal. : to do a complicated or annoying series of things in order to get or achieve something We had to jump through a lot of hoops to get a loan from the bank. It shouldn’t be necessary to jump through hoops to get a computer to work properly.

What is it called when you are trying to achieve something?

Ambition refers to a strong wish to achieve a stated goal, and implies that reaching that goal will take a lot of effort. Her ambition was to reach the very top of her profession. An intention is something that you want and you plan to do.

What is it called when you try very hard to do something?

endeavour. verb. formal to try very hard to do something.

Where did the phrase jumping through hoops come from?

The idiom jump through hoops is derived from the circus. Many animal acts included the task of jumping through hoops, often at the urging of a whip. Sometimes, these hoops were set afire. Circus animals that were forced to jump through hoops often included dogs, lions, and tigers.

What does the idiom under his wing mean?

Definition of take (someone) under one’s wing : to help, teach, or take care of (someone who is younger or has less experience) He took the rookie pitcher under his wing.

What is a synonym for accomplish a goal?

Some common synonyms of accomplish are achieve, discharge, effect, execute, fulfill, and perform.

Which word means a thing accomplished with effort?

gain with effort. synonyms: achieve, attain, reach.

What is the synonym of exploring?

inquire (into), investigate, look (into), probe, research.

What does going to rack and ruin mean?

to become destroyed or ruined
Definition of go to rack and ruin : to become destroyed or ruined The old house has gone to rack and ruin.

What is tip of iceberg?

Definition of the tip of the iceberg : a small part of something (such as a problem) that is seen or known about when there is a much larger part that is not seen or known about The news is shocking, but we may find out that the stories we’ve heard so far are just the tip of the iceberg.