What is Graphite software used for?

What is Graphite software used for?

Graphite is a free open-source software (FOSS) tool that monitors and graphs numeric time-series data such as the performance of computer systems. Graphite was developed by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc and released as open-source software in 2008.

What is Ossim tool?

OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management) is an open source security information and event management system, integrating a selection of tools designed to aid network administrators in computer security, intrusion detection and prevention.

Is resource monitor a system software?

Resource Monitor (Resmon) is a system application included in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows that allows users to look at the presence and allocation of resources on a computer.

Who wrote graphite?

2.7 Who writes and maintains Graphite? Graphite was initially developed by Chris Davis at Orbitz. Orbitz has long been a part of the open source community and has published several other internally developed products.

What is the difference between graphite and Grafana?

Grafana is a powerful platform for monitoring and time-series data analysis. Graphite is a system for data collection and visualization. Graphite is strong in time-series metrics collection, but Grafana provides a more advanced solution for data analysis and visualization.

What is Prometheus monitoring?

Prometheus is a monitoring solution for recording and processing any purely numeric time-series. It gathers, organizes, and stores metrics along with unique identifiers and timestamps. Prometheus is open-source software that collects metrics from targets by “scraping” metrics HTTP endpoints.

What is elk SIEM?

ELK is an open-source log analysis and management platform. Described as SIEM for the modern security operations center (SOC), ELK performs a variety of tasks with high levels of success.

What does AlienVault do?

AlienVault OSSIM (Open Source Security Information and Event Management) is an open source security information and event management (SIEM) product. A SIEM collects event data from various security logs within the organization, such as those for enterprise security controls, operating systems and applications.

What is resource monitoring tool?

The Resource Monitoring Tool has two main components: Resource Monitoring Tool Server (RMT Server) and Agent. The RMT Server is where the data from Tableau Server is collated and served up through a web interface. This is also where you can configure, monitor, and analyze the health and performance of Tableau Server.

What database does graphite use?

Graphite has its own specialized database library called whisper, which is very similar in design to RRD, but has a subtle yet fundamentally important difference that Graphite requires.