What is MS as a state?

What is MS as a state?

Mississippi, constituent state of the United States of America. Its name derives from a Native American word meaning “great waters” or “father of waters.” Mississippi became the 20th state of the union in 1817.

Does MS have a Secretary of State?

The Mississippi secretary of state is an officer of Mississippi originally established under the Article IV, §14 of Mississippi Constitution of 1817, and was reestablished under Article V, §133 of the Mississippi Constitution of 1890. The current secretary of state is Michael Watson.

How do I report a business in Mississippi?


  1. Phone: 601-359-1633.
  2. 1-800-256-3494.
  3. Fax: 601-359-1607.
  4. [email protected].

How do I get a tax clearance letter in Mississippi?

How do you get the Department of Revenue tax clearance certificate? When you choose the reinstatement option in the online filing system, you will be prompted to follow a link to the Department of Revenue website to obtain the tax clearance. Make sure you have all of your Mississippi tax information.

Is Mississippi MS or MI?

Two-Letter State Abbreviations


What does do MS stand for?

If you meet someone with “MS” behind their name, it means they have obtained a Master of Science degree. It is a graduate-level degree that falls between a bachelor’s and a doctorate.

Where is the Mississippi secretary of state located?

125 South Congress St. The Office of the Secretary of State is dedicated to being both a service and information agency.

What does the Secretary of State do?

A Secretary of State is typically the sole head of a Department or Ministry, chairs the Departmental Board, and bears ultimate responsibility for the actions of their Department. A Secretary of State is a voting member of Cabinet, and will be appointed a Privy Councillor for this purpose.

How do I close a business in Mississippi?

Things you need to do before you Dissolve a Mississippi LLC.

  1. Hold a Members meeting and record a resolution to Dissolve the Mississippi LLC.
  2. File all required Annual Reports with the Mississippi Secretary of State.
  3. Clear up any business debt.
  4. Pay all taxes and administrative fees owed by the Mississippi LLC.

Can I get my tax clearance certificate online?

With the introduction of the new tax compliance status system, one can now print a tax clearance certificate online. Once a successful application has been done via SARS efiling, the system will generate a valid tax clearance certificate for the use by the tax payer.

What documents are needed for tax clearance certificate?

The following documents is required when applying for a Tax Clearance Certificate for your company an income tax reference number for the company, the director or also known as the public officer of the company must have a certified copy of his/her ID or a valid passport if the applicant is a foreign, a signed SARS …