What is participatory culture in social media?

What is participatory culture in social media?

Jenkins defines participatory culture as culture “in which fans and other consumers are invited to actively participate in the creation and circulation of new content” (Jenkins 2008, 331). It also involves “participants who interact with each other” (Jenkins 2008, 3).

What does Henry Jenkins say about participatory culture?

Jenkins believes that participatory culture can play a role in the education of young people as a new form of implicit curriculum. He finds a growing body of academic research showing the potential benefits of participatory cultures, both formal and informal, for the education of young people.

Is Instagram participatory culture?

Instagram is an app where you can post photos and videos (along with captions) and you can view the photos and videos of your ‘friends’ that you follow. This platform shows a participatory culture for a few reasons. To start, by posting your own photos, you are a producer of media rather than simply a consumer.

Is TikTok a participatory culture?

Apps such as TikTok allow teens and young adults to explore and perform the nuances of online identity whilst gaining audiences through participatory culture.

Is participatory culture a theory?

In the notion of participatory cultural theory, there is always an emphasis regarding the sharing and creation of content. Other arguments that comes with this is the sharing of ideas and information, which remain relevant to almost all studies regarding participatory culture and social networks.

What is participatory fan culture?

Fan cultures are examples of participatory cultures. Participatory cultures involve fans acting not only as consumers but also as producers and creators of some form of creative media.

Can we talk about TikTok?

Like any other TikTok trend, the Can We Talk challenge is open for anyone to participate. All you have to do is film yourself singing the track and share it on the TikTok feed with relevant hashtags. The participants leave it to their fans to decide if they aced the challenge or not.

What is participatory community media?

Participatory community media represents a unique form of short documentary practice produced with communities and the subjects engaged in decision-making and representation. These works embrace and enhance the micro rather than the macro as a production strategy.