What is SMS training?

What is SMS training?

Safety Management Systems (SMS) The SMS eLearning module is designed as an introduction to and overview of the SMS concept and how an SMS can enhance safety in a flight operation. The module is organized around the four core elements of the SMS: Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion.

Does ICAO require safety training?

Training and Education ICAO requires aviation service providers “to develop and maintain a safety training programme that ensures that personnel are trained and competent to perform their SMS duties.” Training programmes should be adapted to fit the needs and complexity of the organisation.

What are the 4 key components to system safety?


  • Safety Policy.
  • Safety Risk Management.
  • Safety Assurance.
  • Safety Promotion.

What is a QMS in aviation?

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a means of ensuring that an organization is meeting requirements and continuously improving its processes.

Where can I study safety management diploma?

Where can I study a course in safety management?

  • Oxbridge Academy Short Course: Safety Management Skills.
  • Oxbridge Academy Short Course: Security Management Skills.
  • Oxbridge Academy Skills Certificate: Safety Management.
  • Oxbridge Academy Skills Certificate: Security Management.

Is SMS a single safety program?

SMS is all about decision-making. Thus it has to be a decision-maker’s tool, not a traditional safety program separate and distinct from business and operational decision making.

What are the requirements of ICAO?

ICAO Council (36 States)

  • Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency.
  • Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency.
  • Security and Facilitation.
  • Security and Facilitation.
  • Economic Development.
  • Economic Development.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Environmental Protection.

Is an SMS required by ICAO?

The International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) requires SMS for the management of safety risk in air operations, maintenance, air traffic services and aerodromes. These requirements have been expanded to include flight training and design and production of aircraft.

What are the 12 elements of the safety management system?

Originated from ICAO, the 12 safety management system elements are:

  • Management Commitment.
  • Safety Accountability and Responsibilities.
  • Appointment of Key Safety Personnel.
  • Coordination of Emergency Response Planning.
  • SMS Documentation.
  • Hazard Identification.
  • Safety Risk Assessment and Mitigation.

What are the seven elements of safety management system?

Management Leadership and Commitment.

  • Organizational Communications and System Documentation.
  • Evaluations and Continuous Improvement.
  • Hazard Recognition and Evaluation.
  • Employee Involvement.
  • Motivation, Behavior and Attitude.
  • Training and Orientation.
  • What is the difference between SMS and QMS?

    QMS and SMS in Aviation Both have common methods and techniques, but different objectives. QMS’s objective is Customer Satisfaction and SMS’s objective is Aviation Safety. QMS is not mandatory but if there is one, it cannot be in conflict with SMS.

    What is the difference between a quality management system and a safety management system?

    The primary difference between QMS and SMS – and a big enough difference that SMS and QMS should really not be considered as “siblings” – is their primary concern. QMS has a primary concern that is business-oriented. SMS programs are primarily concerned with managing safety.