What is the hardness of white birch?

What is the hardness of white birch?

Janka Numbers For Domestic & Exotic Wood Species

Common name Scientific name Janka Hardness – kN
basswood, white Tilia heterophylla
beech, American Fagus grandifolia 5.8
benge Guibourtia arnoldiana 7.8
birch, Alaska paper Betula neoalaskana 3.7

Where is birch wood on the hardness scale?

Birch wood is considered one of the hardest wood on the planet. According to the Janka hardness scale, Birch wood has a higher rating of 1,260 lbf (5,600 N). Birch is heavy and strong.

Is birch the hardest wood?

Birch is heavy and very strong wood. According to the American Hardwood Information Center, 1,260 pounds of pressure is required to mar yellow birch. The center rates only five other woods harder than yellow birch: pecan hickory, hard maple, white oak, beech and red oak.

Is white birch a hardwood?

White birch is a hardwood, in the same group as maple, elm, ash, and oak. When kiln dried, these hardwoods burn very clean, hot and efficient. As stated in a previous blog, birch firewood produces 20.2 million BTUs per cord, giving it one of the highest energy contents in wood.

Is birch a good hardwood floor?

Birch is a popular and affordable choice for high quality hardwood flooring. But at Carlisle, you can also explore options for flooring made from a wide range of other woods. Ash is an incredibly dense and durable hardwood with unique grain patterns and interesting hues.

Is White Birch a hardwood?

Is White Birch harder than oak?

The main difference between oak and birch is that birch is much harder than oak. Oak and birch are two types of light-coloured hardwood. Oak is a hardwood originating from Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae, while birch is a hardwood originating from the genus Betula.

Is 1290 a good Janka rating?

With a rating of 1,290 lbs, strong and resilient Red Oak is the benchmark against which all other wood species are compared on the Janka Scale. Red Oak was chosen as the median standard because it is one of the most readily available hardwoods.

What is white birch good for?

They are known for their waterproof bark, which is white, thin and paper-like, with dark horizontal stripes. Firewood is generally categorized as hardwoods and softwoods. Birch is considered one of the best woods to burn in the hardwood family, along with ash, red oak and maple.