What is the record for the fastest lawnmower?

What is the record for the fastest lawnmower?

The fastest lawnmower is 230.446kph (143.193mph) and was achieved by Antony Edwards (UK) at Elvington Airfield, York, UK, on 22 August 2021.

What is the fastest commercial mower?

March 7, 2006 The Dixie Chopper Xtreme is the world’s fastest lawnmower. It has a 990cc 33-hp engine with the capability to mow grass at 15mph.

How fast do racing lawn mowers go?

These can reach speeds between 6 and 8 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the “experimental class” consists of mowers that can go as fast as 60 miles per hour. Crucially, in all classes, blades are removed for safety.

What is the highest horsepower lawn mower?

The CBR1000RR-powered Mean Mower V2 shatters the world record for quickest ride-on mower with a top speed of 150 mph. Last year, Honda revealed its Mean Mower V2, a 190-hp ride-on lawnmower with a 150-mph top speed.

Who just broke the world record for the world’s fastest riding lawn mower?

Oct. 8 (UPI) — A British man broke a Guinness World Record when he built a riding lawn mower that reaches a speed of 143.19 mph. Tony Edwards, a mechanical engineer from St. Martins, Shropshire, England, said he became interested in building the world’s fastest lawnmower about two years ago.

How fast is a SCAG patriot?

Reliable Power, Up To 26 HP

Specification Patriot
Motors Internal Motor: 16 cc
Forward Ground Speed 8.5 mph (52″) 10 mph (61″)
Reverse Ground Speed 5 mph
Parking Brake Foot-operated pedal

How much is a 61 inch Spartan mower?

Kawasaki FX1000 35 hp • $13,619. The Spartan SRT Series offers the PRO, HD, and XD version mowers to accommodate small and large commercial jobs. The most prominent feature of our strong SRT line is Smart Ride Technology.

How fast is a Spartan mower?

Most riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors average about 5 mph. However, the Spartan RZ Series mowers start out at 9 mph, and our Spartan SRT XD Mower with a Vanguard/37 HP engine can get up to 13 mph.

How fast can a modded lawn mower go?

The speeds vary by class. Stock classes may only go about 6 to 8 miles per hour. The Prepared (modified) has been known to go as fast as 85 mph, however on the track they only do 35 to 40 mph. FX (factory experimental) can reach speeds of 60 mph on the track.

How fast is Honda lawnmower?

150 mph
The mower is outfitted with the same four-cylinder, 200-horsepower engine as Honda’s Fireblade “superbike,” hidden in the body of a tractor. It achieves a top speed of 150 mph, while the company’s top-rated standard lawnmowers top out at 4 mph.

What push mower has the most power?

A lawnmower that is made of gas, Honda HRX217VKA 21. A number of existing users have already awarded this product the highest rating. A 200CC Honda motor provides this lawn mower with the most power.

What is the largest engine on a push mower?

The most powerful lawn mower engine in terms of capacity is the 200CC Honda motor.