What is the sweetener 950 and 951?

What is the sweetener 950 and 951?

Know the numbers

950 Acesulphame potassium (Ace K)
951 Aspartame
952 Cyclamate or calcium cyclamate or sodium cyclamate
953 Isomalt

Does the FDA legally approve new artificial sweeteners?

Six high-intensity sweeteners are FDA-approved as food additives in the United States: saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), sucralose, neotame, and advantame.

What are sweeteners 950 955?

Sucralose, a widely used sugar substitute, 600 times sweet than sugar, is a new generation of artificial sweetener developed after aspartame (E951) and acesulfame potassium (E950). It is free of carbs & calories and the European food additive number E955.

What is sweetener 950 made from?

Share on Pinterest Acesulfame potassium may be an ingredient in a number of beverages. Acesulfame potassium — also known as acesulfame K, or ace K — is an artificial sweetener. In Europe, people sometimes refer to it as E950. Manufacturers sell acesulfame potassium under the brand names Sweet One and Sunett.

Can artificial sweeteners cause brain tumor?

Increasing consumption of aspartame-containing beverages was not associated with the development of lymphoma, leukemia, or brain cancer (3). A 2013 review of epidemiologic evidence also found no consistent association between the use of aspartame and cancer risk (4).

What is 950 and 951 sweetener used for?

The sweetner 950 & 951 is also in Yogurt – Soleil which states not added sugar. Used in Pepsi Max Lime in Australia, also believe these are used in zero sugar sports drinks like Powerade Simple, they give me Seizures.

Is 951 a safe number for additives?

There is a lot of negative press re this 951 eg literature that I have, published 2002, says that 951 accounts for over 75% of adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration )

Do artificial sweeteners cause bladder cancer?

that the increase in bladder cancers in rats is due to the physiology of the rat urinary system. Another study examined the rates of cancer among diabetics, who are more likely to consume artificial sweeteners. The risk of bladder cancer was found to be no higher among diabetics than in the general population.

Does Pepsi Max use 951 and 950 in Australia?

well they do use 951 and 950 in pepsi max in australia, which is what led me to this search in the first place. Yes, they do use sweeteners 951 (aspartame) and 950 (Acesulphame Potassium Acesulphame K) in pepsi max in australia.