What jobs deal with maps?

What jobs deal with maps?

Cartographers and photogrammetrists typically collect and verify data used in creating maps. Cartographers and photogrammetrists collect, measure, and interpret geographic information in order to create and update maps and charts for regional planning, education, and other purposes.

How to get a job in cartography?

A bachelor’s degree in cartography, geography, geomatics, surveying, or a related field is the most common path of entry into this occupation. Some states require cartographers and photogrammetrists to be licensed as surveyors, and some states have specific licenses for photogrammetrists.

How much do map makers make?

How Much Does a Cartographer Make? Cartographers made a median salary of $68,380 in 2020. The best-paid 25 percent made $88,620 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $54,110.

Is cartographer a good career?

The modern map-maker generally enjoys an above-average salary. On average in the United States, cartographers are in the mid-to-high pay range of 60,000$ to 75,000$ (source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Is being a cartographer stressful?

Cartographers relatively enjoy a low-stress career, designing maps that contribute to the political, engineering, educational, cultural, environmental, and marketing industries.

What should I study if I like maps?

So, we’ll lay out a few careers for each should you wish to enjoy your favourite area of study beyond school:

  • GIS Technician. A GIS or… “Geographic Information Systems technician” collects data and then puts it in a new format (like a map).
  • Geologist.
  • Hydrologist.
  • Urban/Regional planner.
  • Cartographer.
  • Climatologist.

Is cartographer still a job?

Cartographer jobs (only doing cartography) are becoming more rare. It’s difficult to find a job just doing cartography, as you’ll have to be skilled in other fields as well. There is still a need for a modern day cartographer to tell a story and visually display results.

Is there still a need for cartographers?

What degree do you need to be a cartographer?

bachelor’s degree
A bachelor’s degree in cartography, geography, geomatics, or surveying is the most common path of entry into this field. Courses in computer programming, engineering, math, and GIS technology are helpful. Some states require cartographers and photogrammetrists to be licensed.

What do you call a person who makes maps?

The Oxford Dictionary of English app defines a cartographer as “a person who draws or produces maps.” Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary says a cartographer is “one that makes maps.” And the Cambridge Dictionary, also available online, states that a cartographer is “someone who makes or draws maps.”