What percentage of Idaho economy is agriculture?

What percentage of Idaho economy is agriculture?

Together, agriculture and food processing generate 17% of Idaho’s total economic output in sales and 12.5% of GDP.

How much agriculture does Idaho produce?

Idaho has nearly 25,000 farms and ranches spread over 11.8 million acres of land that produces more than 185 different commodities….2015 Top Idaho Commodities.

Commodity Acres Harvested Value of Production ($1000)
Potatoes 322,000 $912,800
Hay 1,330,000 $836,640
Wheat 1,155,000 $478,800
Sugarbeets 172,000 $283,680

What is Idaho’s top agricultural?

Idaho is best known for its beef and potatoes. In fact, Idaho grows more potatoes than any other US growing region, annually producing about 12 billion pounds. Over 2 million head of cattle are raised on Idaho ranches and in feedlots producing high quality beef for restaurants and retailers throughout the country.

What is Idaho’s biggest agricultural export?

Milk is Idaho’s most valuable agricultural product, worth $2.38 billion in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Cattle and calves brought in $1.41 billion, while potatoes were the third most valuable product at $1.03 billion. Hay and wheat were the fourth and fifth most valuable Idaho products.

What is the agriculture in Idaho?

Principal crops include canola, safflower, mustard, rapeseed, sunflower, and flax. Idaho ranks fourth in the nation for canola production.

What percent of farms in Idaho are organic?

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State Rank Organic farms as a percentage of total
Idaho 9 0.98%
Pennsylvania 10 1.79%
Michigan 11 1.15%
Oregon 12 1.22%

What is the number one crop in Idaho?

Idaho wheat farmers have some of the highest yields per acre. In terms of revenue generated, wheat has consistently ranked as Idaho’s second largest crop behind potatoes.

What are the top five commodities in Idaho?

Idaho’s top five ag commodities in 2020 – milk, cattle and calves, potatoes, hay and wheat – had a total production value of $6.61 billion, which accounted for 79 percent of the total value of all ag commodities in the state.

What is the main crop in Idaho?

potato crop
Idaho’s main source of agricultural income is the potato crop. Grass and seed crops include alfalfa and bluegrass seed, hops and mint.

Does Idaho have a lot of agriculture?

Idaho agriculture is flourishing. In fact, it is the single largest contributor to Idaho’s economy, accounting for 18% of Idaho’s total economic output. Our agricultural production regularly sets and breaks records for cash receipts. Food and beverage processing is the state’s second largest manufacturing sector.

Which state has the most organic farms?

California had by far the most certified organic farms in 2016, with 2,713. Its nearly 1.1 million acres of organic farms represented 21% of all U.S. certified organic land. The states with the second- and third-highest number of farms were Wisconsin (1,276 farms) and New York (1,059).

Which state grows the most organic food?

State of California
Organic farming in the U.S: number of certified farms 2019, by state. In 2019, the State of California had approximately 3,012 organic farms and ranches. This was the largest number of certified organic farms in the United States.