What was Staind biggest hit?

What was Staind biggest hit?

It’s Been Awhile
# 1 – It’s Been Awhile “It’s Been Awhile” is on the 2001 album, Break the Cycle, and was the lead single. This is Stainds’ best-known song and their most successful.

Is Staind going to make a new album?

The somewhat-recently reunited Staind are planning to record their first new album since 2011 this year and release it in 2022.

Did Staind get a new singer?

The original lineup consisted of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist and backing vocalist Johnny April, and drummer Jon Wysocki. The lineup has been stable outside of the 2011 departure of Wysocki, who was replaced by Sal Giancarelli.

Does Staind still make music?

Staind are back. They’ve released their first album in nine years, the live record Live: It’s Been Awhile. It’s accompanied by the return of Staind and a two-part global streaming series. There are unknowns when inactive bands regroup after a long period of time.

Who was the lead singer of Staind?

Aaron LewisStaind / Lead singer

When was Staind popular?

Staind was one of the most successful commercial hard rock acts of the late 1990s, winning over mainstream audiences with its dark, moody power ballads. Comprised of Johnny April on bass, singer Aaron Lewis on guitar, Mike Mushok on guitar, and Jon Wysocki on drums, Staind played its first gig in February 1995.

Why did Staind break up?

During his time away from STAIND, Lewis pursued a solo career as a country music singer. But he insists that the group “never” officially split up and he has always remained on good terms with his positive bandmates. “I needed the break,” he said. “I definitely needed that break.

Does Aaron Lewis have bipolar?

Lewis, who sold seven studio albums over a 17-year career with Staind, says he has two musical careers because he is “creatively bipolar” and suffers from attention deficit disorder. “I need to switch it up a little bit,” he said.

Who is the lead singer of Korn?

Jonathan DavisKorn / Lead singer

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