When was Rebelde Way made?

When was Rebelde Way made?

May 27, 2002Rebelde Way / First episode date

What came first Rebelde or Rebelde Way?

Rebelde (English: Rebel) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Pedro Dami├ín for Televisa, broadcast by Canal de las Estrellas (now known simply as Las Estrellas). It is a remake of the Argentine telenovela, Rebelde Way, adapted for the Mexican youth audience, leading to differences in characters’ backgrounds.

Is Rebelde Way on Netflix?

Watch Rebelde Way | Netflix.

Is Rebelde about RBD?

Storyline. It’s a look at the life of teenagers who go to the Elite Way School. The lead actors are Dulce Maria, Anahi, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Christopher Uckerman and Alfonso Herrera. They are a part of a band called RBD and Rebelde follows them through their teenage life.

Where was Rebelde Way filmed?


Rebelde Way
Production location Argentina
Cinematography Various
Running time 45 minutes
Production companies Cris Morena Group, Yair Dori Media Group

Is Rebelde set in college?

Netflix’s ‘Rebelde’ is a Mexican telenovela about students in Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding college in Mexico City who are from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Is Rebelde a musical?

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Rebelde’ On Netflix, Where Teens At An Elite Boarding School Carry On The Musical Legacy Of Its Most Famous Alumni.

Was Rebelde removed from Netflix?

Is Rebelde on Netflix? Unfortunately, the 2004 version is not on Netflix. It was on Netflix at one point but then was removed. The show hasn’t been on Netflix since December 2019.

Where was Rebelde filmed?

Netflix’s upcoming teenage drama Spanish series ‘Rebelde’ has officially wrapped up filming this Friday (Sept. 17) in Mexico City, Mexico.