Where is a concentric clutch slave cylinder fitted?

Where is a concentric clutch slave cylinder fitted?

The clutch concentric cylinder is simply a slave cylinder fitted around the gearbox shaft, which does both the jobs of the traditional clutch release bearing and clutch slave cylinder.

How do you install a slave cylinder?

How to Replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder

  1. Raise and support the front of the vehicle on jack stands.
  2. Remove the slave cylinder by removing the two bolts, one on either end of the slave cylinder.
  3. Install the new slave cylinder.
  4. Fill the clutch master cylinder with brake fluid.

How does a concentric slave cylinder work?

The CSC is a hydraulic cylinder with an integrated release bearing which eliminates the clutch lever and the conventional release bearing. It is connected to the master cylinder via the hose. The CSC is in direct contact with the clutch cover diaphragm, increasing the efficiency of the hydraulic system.

Why do concentric slave cylinders fail?

Leaking immediately after fitment can be caused by several reasons the most common being; Compressing prior to fitment; On most CSC’s the back plate is held in place by the gearbox once fitted. If the CSC bearing is compressed prior to fitting to the vehicle this can dislodge the back plate causing it to leak.

What is a concentric slave?

A piston operated by the hydraulic circuit, A body with a piston guide and gaskets, A preloading spring, A clutch release system (with bearings) serving as the interface with the clutch, A connection point for connection with the hydraulic circuit.

Do you need to grease slave cylinder?

Senior Member. While greasing the slave cylinder dowel/shaft might help with the noise, you need to grease the ball end where it pivots on the clutch fork to stop the squeaking.

How do you bleed CSC?

This eliminates the risk of over-pressure inside the CSC….Manual bleeding should be carried out using the following process:

  1. Depress clutch pedal;
  2. Open bleed valve;
  3. Keep clutch pedal depressed until fluid appears – DO NOT release;
  4. Close bleed valve;
  5. Release clutch pedal slowly;
  6. DO NOT repeatedly pump the clutch.

Can a concentric slave cylinder fail without leaking?

Can slave cylinder fail without leaking? Yes master cylinders can fail without leakage, the clutch master cylinder has a piston inside and there are separate channels for hi-pressure line and return(low pressure) line and their location in the cylinder differs for manufacturers.

Should I change slave cylinder with clutch?

A failing clutch slave cylinder will likely require replacement, as they may be difficult or impossible to repair. Staying on the lookout for any warning signs of slave cylinder failure or transmission problems will help you be able to treat the problem quickly and effectively with the help of a Porsche specialist.