Where is the media bin in ProPresenter?

Where is the media bin in ProPresenter?

The Media Bin, situated at the bottom of the main ProPresenter window, is a great way to organize and trigger still images and videos. To show or hide the Media Bin: Click the Media button on the top right of the main ProPresenter window, Select from the menubar View > Media Bin.

How do I add media to ProPresenter?

You can add media to the Video/Image Bin from your hard drive by dragging the files into ProPresenter or by clicking on the plus button below the thumbnail section. Dragging files in is the quickest way to add your files.

Where are ProPresenter preferences?

Preferences are accessed by pressing Command-Comma on a Mac or Control-Comma on a PC, or clicking on the ProPresenter menu and selecting Preferences. As of 7.3, you will see a Preferences menu in the ProPresenter menu that lets you select the specific tab you wish to open.

Where is ProPresenter 7 Library stored?

Find the ProPresenter library folder (by default it is a folder in your Documents folder called ProPresenter #, where “#” is the version of ProPresenter you are using) and click the “Choose” button. Your ProPresenter repository will now show up in the “Privacy” window.

What is a playlist in ProPresenter?

Playlists are located in the lower left of the primary ProPresenter window (immediately below the Library section). You can use Playlists to create the flow of your service or show. Playlists contain all of the elements of a given event.

Where are ProPresenter 6 playlists stored?

Playlists are located in the lower left of the primary ProPresenter window (immediately below the Library section).

How do I add videos to ProPresenter 7?

Inputs are setup in the Input tab of ProPresenter Preferences. To add a video input, click on the + button next to Video on the left column. You can name this Input either by single-clicking on the name in the list, or by using the Name field in the main section of the window.

How do I import media into ProPresenter 7?

To access the Import options inside of the program, go to File>Import in the menubar and select one of the options from the submenu. You can also drag files from your computer folders into the Library or Media Bins in the program to start this process.

What is the difference between Library and playlist in ProPresenter 7?

So, when you switched libraries, you only had access to that Library’s Playlists. ProPresenter now allows you to add a Presentation from any Library into any Playlist. The Playlist will note which Library this Presentation is from on the right side of the Playlist detail view.

How do I find my Library in ProPresenter?

The Library, located on the center left of ProPresenter, contains all of your documents used in ProPresenter.

Where are ProPresenter playlists stored?