Where to dispose of old mobile phones in Australia?

Where to dispose of old mobile phones in Australia?

Simply drop them off at over 3500 public drop off points including all major mobile phone retailers, including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and Samsung stores. Find your nearest drop point here. Or post them in for free by picking up a reply paid satchel at participating AusPost stores or directly through MobileMuster.

Where should people send their phones to get them recycled?

Recycling stations at libraries and customer service centres. You can drop off old mobile phones and accessories, such as chargers or earphones, at our recycling stations at libraries and customer service centres.

How do I dispose of very old mobile phones?

Most charities accept old mobile phones, whether they are working or not. They can raise valuable funds by passing them on to mobile phone recycling companies. Broken mobile phones can be disposed of at most Recycling Centres in the container for small electricals – find you nearest below.

Does Australia Post recycle mobile phones?

You can now post your e-waste through any Australia Post box. Australia Post has partnered with TechCollect to make it even easier for Australians to dispose of e-waste responsibly. Under the new scheme, old mobile phones and computers can be bagged up and posted from anywhere in the country.

Does officeworks take old mobile phones?

Mobile phone recycling You can recycle your old mobile phone and any phone accessories, cables or chargers at any Officeworks store.

What can I do with old phones and tablets?

You can trade in old phones, laptops or tablets and lower the cost of a new device. Or you can donate or recycle your old gadget so other people can use them. CNBC’s Todd Haselton shows you how to get rid of your old devices.

Does Oxfam accept old mobile phones?

You can donate your old mobile phones through Fonebank or to any standard Oxfam shop. Turning a mobile phone donation into cash for Oxfam is easy.

Are old Nokia phones worth anything?

A Nokia 8110 in good condition on eBay, brand new, never opened, is worth around US$500. Meanwhile, second-hand devices sell for $55 to around $200 depending on their condition.

Can I post a mobile phone in Australia?

Once you have choosen your preferred mailing option package up your old mobile phones and accessories for recycling. Find an AusPost Post Office or street posting boxes. There are over 20,000 drop off points Australia wide. It’s that easy!

Is TerraCycle in Australia?

Last year TerraCycle’s recycling programs diverted 6.5 million pieces of rubbish from landfills across Australia and New Zealand. And you could be a part of this impact by joining our team!

How do you dispose of electronics in Australia?

The Australian government has funded a National Television and Recycling Scheme (NTRS) that enables us to recycle our e-waste for free….These include:

  1. Permanent collection sites at local waste transfer stations or resource recovery centres.
  2. Retail outlets.
  3. One off recycling collection events – often run by local Councils.