Which is the famous Karaga in Bangalore?

Which is the famous Karaga in Bangalore?

Shri Dharama Raya Swamy temple in Nagarathpete, Bengaluru is the starting point for the Karaga procession and main temple associated with the Karaga festival. Nagarathpete is 37 kms from Bengaluru airport and 5 kms from city centre (majestic).

What is Karaga Bangalore?

One of the oldest festivals celebrated in the state of Karnataka; the Karaga festival is a reflection of the region’s glorious history and traditions. It is celebrated annually in the Chaitra month (March/April) according to the Hindu calendar.

What is inside the Karaga?

The karaga itself is a mud pot, on which stands a tall floral pyramid that is balanced on the carrier’s head. The contents of the pot have remained a secret down the centuries. The carrier’s arrival is heralded by hundreds of bare-chested, dhoti-clad, turbaned Veerakumaras bearing unsheathed swords.

When did Bangalore Karaga started?

The rulers patronised the Karaga festival by making donations for its celebration, the maintenance of the temple, and initiated one of the earliest documentations of the festival—during the period of the Wodeyars in 1811.

Which caste is Thigala?

The Thigala or Tigalar a Kannada-Tamil social group found in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, India, particularly the city of Bengaluru and in Southern Karnataka. The caste is traditionally occupied as growers of flowers and vegetables. They are generally Hindus. Their main deities are Draupadi and Dharmaraya Swamy.

Why does Karaga go to Dargah?

The procession also involves a visit to a Dargah. According to popular belief, Saint Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan sought the blessings of the Karaga procession over 200 years ago. He was supposedly suffering from some physical ailments and legend has it that the Karaga cured him.

Is Thigala a Kshatriya?

Pride of South Kshatriya Dynasties as become a VanniyaKulaKshatriya Kings. 1.

Is Gowda a caste?

Gowda (also known as Gauda, Gouda or Gonda) is a surname native to the Karnataka state of India. It is mainly found among the Vokkaligas in south Karnataka and the Lingayats in north Karnataka. It is also used by Kurubas.

Why does Karga go to Dargah?

What caste is Thigala?

Thiagla belongs to the ‘Backward Classes category’.

Is Thigala caste belongs to which category?

The Thigala in Karnataka speak Kannada in Karnataka. and Tamil in Tamilnadu A Karnataka state government order of 1994 designated the Thigala there as members of the Backward Classes.

Can lingayat marry Gowda?

most of the gowdas agree to get married to higher caste but not to lower caste. Since lingayat caste is upper caste, chances are that they may agree.

What is Bangalore Karaga festival?

Bengaluru Karaga is an annual festival celebrated in the heart of Bangalore, primarily by the Thigala community. The Karaga festival is generally led by the men of the community. Work by horticulturist Thigalas . One of the deepa, which resemble birds. Devotees leaving the temple premises after finishing aarthi depotsava .

How many people are allowed to attend the Karnataka Karaga?

However the Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. B S Yeddyurappa has given a green signal go ahead for the Karaga with a rider that not more than five persons to be allowed to congregate this annual festival. ^ “Woman power at Karaga”. Bangalore Mirror. 21 April 2009.

How many railway stations are there in Bangalore?

There are two important railway stations in the city – Bengaluru City Railway Station and Yeswantpur Junction. Trains are available on regular basis from both the railway stations. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation has set up Namma Metro, an intra-city rail network.