Which OS map is best for footpaths?

Which OS map is best for footpaths?

The Explorer series of maps is the more popular of the two and is said to be ideal for walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding. The maps are 1:25,000 scale which means 4cm on the map equals 1 km on the ground. Details include footpaths and open access areas.

Which is the most detailed OS map?

The Ordnance Survey OS Explorer map, the most popular Ordnance Survey map series which provides unparalleled detail at 1:25,000 scale making this series essential for walkers, cyclists and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Which is more detailed Landranger or Explorer?

Landranger covers a larger area than Explorer but with less detail.

What are land Ranger maps?

OS Landranger maps are the ideal Ordnance Survey map for planning day trips, short breaks and road cycling in towns or in the countryside.

How much does ViewRanger cost UK?

Currently the annual subscription for the Premium services costs £29.99 for OS Maps and £24.99 for ViewRanger. Both the apps are free to download but if you buy a paper OS map you are given a code which allows you to download the map and access it in perpetuity.

How often are OS Explorer maps updated?

every 2 to 5 years
“Our OS Explorer Maps and OS Landranger Maps are updated with new versions every 2 to 5 years depending on the area and a lot can change.”

How many OS Explorer maps are there?

This whole set of 403 maps covers the entire country and is ideal for any organisation requiring detailed national coverage.

How do I download OS maps for free?

OS Maps is available in both a web version and an app which is available on the Google Play Store for Android and The App Store for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

What is a Landranger map?

Our Landranger maps cover long distances making them perfect for an extensive hike, cycling tour, or driving holiday. It’s the perfect companion for your next trek or excursion – providing information on footpaths, rights of way, & plenty of tourist information. Use the search bar below to search by sheet number.

What is the difference between Landranger and explorer?

Landranger covers a larger area than Explorer but with less detail. Perfect for discovering popular local tourist spots and landmarks. These maps are specifically designed for holidays & days out and display street maps of towns and villages for the most popular areas of Britain. Scale varies – adjusted to fit the whole area on one sheet.

What is Landland explorer?

Land Explorer is a go to tool for Oxfordshire Community Land Trust, when looking at prospective sites. By putting this information in one place and simplifying access, it makes the process much easier, whilst removing significant barriers for groups wishing to plan their neighborhood.