Who is harsila Malhotra?

Who is harsila Malhotra?

Harshaali Malhotra (born 3 June 2008) is an Indian actress and model who appears in Hindi-language films and television series. Malhotra made her film debut with a leading role in Kabir Khan’s 2015 drama film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, opposite Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Who is Harshaali Malhotra age?

13 Years
Harshaali started working as a child actor when she was just 2 years old….

Age (as of 2021) 13 Years
Birthplace Mumbai
Zodiac sign Gemini
Nationality Indian

What is the name of little girl in Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Harshaali Malhotra made her Bollywood debut as a child actress in Salman Khan’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. She played the role of a six-year-old speech impaired child from Pakistan, who gets lost in India.

Who is Shahida in Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Harshaali Malhotra
Harshaali played the role of Shahida also known as ‘Munni’, a Pakistani Muslim girl who gets lost in India and travels back to her homeland with the help of an Indian, Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi. Salman Khan’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released in 2015, gave us Harshaali Malhotra.

Who is Munni in real life?

Harshaali MalhotraMunni / Played by

How old is Harshaali?

13 years (2008)Harshaali Malhotra / Age

What is the age of Anushka Sen?

19 years (August 4, 2002)Anushka Sen / Age

Is Bajrangi Bhaijaan a true story?

Salman Khan’s Blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan may be a work of fiction, but it is a real life story of a deaf and mute Indian girl stuck in Pakistan for 14 years.

What is the age Salman Khan?

56 years (December 27, 1965)Salman Khan / Age

What is the age of Munni?

Harshaali Malhotra Biography/Wiki

Full Name Harshaali Malhotra
Nick Name Munni
Date of Birth 3 June 2008
Harshaali Malhotra Age 14 years [As in 2022]
Gender Female

How old is Meher Vij?

35 years (September 22, 1986)Meher Vij / Age