Who lit the torch at the 2004 Olympics?

Who lit the torch at the 2004 Olympics?

Nikolaos Kaklamanakis
The first truly Global Torch Relay was completed on 13 August 2004, when the Greek Olympic Gold Medallist (Mistral) Nikolaos Kaklamanakis lit the Cauldron at the Olympic Stadium, watchedby 4 billion TV viewers during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Where was the Olympic torch first lit in 2004?

The International Leg of the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay officially began on 4 June 2004, when the flame touched down in Sydney, Australia, host city of the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Where was the Olympic torch lit in March 2004?

Olympia, Greece
The Olympic flame reached Athens yesterday for the first time since it was lit at a ceremony on 25 March 2004 in Olympia, Greece.

Who lit the Olympic flame today?

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are officially open, after Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic flame during the opening ceremony. Here are some of the fascinating storylines we’re watching during one of the most unique and turbulent Games in history.

Is the Olympic flame ever extinguished?

It is not uncommon for the Olympic flame to be accidentally or deliberately extinguished during the course of the torch relay (and on at least one occasion the cauldron itself has gone out during the Games).

How many times has the Olympic flame gone out?

In 2013 a journalist following the flame’s journey from Olympia to Sochi, Russia, reported that it went out 44 times during the trip. In 2016 government employees protesting unpaid wages stole the torch from an event in Angra dos Reis, Brazil, and purposefully extinguished it.

Who lit the Olympic torch in 2008?

President Ali Mohamed Shein
The torch was lit by Vice-President Ali Mohamed Shein. About a thousand people followed the relay, waving the Olympic flag.

Who lit the 2002 Olympic torch?

People who have lit the Olympic cauldron

Games Location Lighter
2000 Summer Sydney Cathy Freeman
2002 Winter Salt Lake City The 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team
2004 Summer Athens Nikolaos Kaklamanakis
2006 Winter Turin Stefania Belmondo

Who carried the Olympic torch in 2000?

On 15 September, during the Games Opening Ceremony, the flame was carried into the Stadium by Betty Cuthbert who sat in a wheelchair, pushed by Raelene Boyle. Then, in turn, Dawn Fraser, Shirley Strickland, Shane Gould and Debbie Flintoff-King relayed the flame to Cathy Freeman.

Who lit torch at 2022 Olympics?

Dinigeer Yilamujiang and Zhao Jiawen lit the cauldron brought an awe-inspiring Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony to a close. The Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony on Friday (4 February) culminated in the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron.

Where did the 2004 Olympic torch go?

For the first time, the Olympic Flame circumnavigated the globe, starting in Olympia in advance of the 2004 games. The 2004 Summer Olympics Torch Relay took the Olympic Flame across every habitable continent, returning to Athens, Greece.

How is the Olympic torch lit at the Olympics?

It is lit, just as it was in ancient times, at the Temple of Hera. An actress dressed as a ceremonial priestess, in the robes of the ancient Greeks, lights the torch via the same technique used in the original Games. She uses a parabolic mirror to focus light rays from the sun. The parabolic mirror has a curved shape.

Who was the last torchbearer of the Olympics?

The Italian National Olympic Committee decided that the last torchbearer of the Olympics would be the winner of a junior cross country running race. Peris won and was chosen to be the last torchbearer. Participant in the 1956 Winter Olympics.

How do the Olympic torch relays work?

The flame is carried in a fire pot to an altar in the ancient Olympic stadium, where it is used to light the first runner’s torch. For the Winter Games, the relay actually begins at the monument to Pierre de Coubertin (the man who founded the modern Olympic games in 1896), which is located near the stadium. Then, the relay begins.