Who owns scotmid?

Who owns scotmid?

Owner Jim Botterill sold his 51 shops to Scotmid in November 2010 for an undisclosed sum, enabling Scotmid to extend its territory south and west.

Is scotmid owned by Coop?

We are still a co-operative society and we are still owned by our members, who each have an equal say in how we are run.

Is scotmid only in Scotland?

Scotmid Co-operative operates around 300 retail outlets across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England. Our businesses include Scotmid Food, Semichem, Funeral Directors, Post Offices and our property division.

How many scotmid stores are there in Scotland?

Scotmid: We have 190 Scotmid Food convenience stores across Scotland offering excellent value food and household essentials for our customers.

Can I use my co op card in Scotmid?

Why can’t I spend my Scotmid vouchers in The Co-operative and vice versa? Scotmid is an independent, Scottish co-operative and we are not owned by or part of The Co-operative. We stock The Co-operative products because we buy from The Co-operative Retail Trading Group, which is owned by The Co-operative.

What is difference between Scotmid and co op?

Scotmid Co-operative is independent from The Co-operative Group, but we work together in the true spirit of co-operation as members of the Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG).

Can I use my coop card in Scotmid?

What’s the difference between Scotmid and co op?

What’s the difference between scotmid and co op?

Who owns Semichemistry?

Scotmid Cooperative
Semichem was founded by the Kerr family in Ayrshire in the 1980s, operating as a discount health and beauty retailer. When bought by Scotmid Cooperative in 1995, the chain had 25 shops.

Do coop points expire?

Expiration of Member Rewards. If you don’t buy anything from any of our businesses or use your Membership card for 12 months or more, we may expire any Personal Member Reward you’ve earned in your Membership account.

What are the benefits of being a coop member?

Members and employees are often entitled to special discounts, deals, education, training, services and sometimes even a dividend check at the end of each year. Most often, people won’t receive these benefits without becoming a member. Membership entitles people to a voice in the operation of the organization.