Who owns the Rothiemurchus Estate?

Who owns the Rothiemurchus Estate?

Johnnie Grant
Rothiemurchus Forest is the largest area of naturally regenerated ancient Caledonian forest in Scotland. The Grants of Rothiemurchus have owned the land since 1540. Johnnie Grant and his son James the 16th and 17th generation, are the current owners and managers of the Estate.

How far is it around Loch an Eilein?

3 miles
A walk of 3 miles (5 kilometres) along some of the best low level walking paths in Scotland and part of a Rothiemurchus network of trails, will take you all the way around the loch.

Can you swim in Loch an Eilein?

Sauntering along to Loch an Eilein from the Rothiemurchus Centre provides the most perfect pre swim warm up. The path is relaxed and gentle enough to accommodate abilities of nature lovers from all ages and abilities.

Can you wild camp at Loch an Eilein?

Rothiemurchus estates have established two wild camping areas in order to encourage responsible wild camping. The first designated area is at Loch an Eilein next to the car park.

How deep is Loch an Eilein?

25.5 ft

Loch an Eilein
Average depth 25.5 ft (7.8 m)
Max. depth 66 ft (20 m)
Water volume 144,000,000 cu ft (4,100,000 m3)
Surface elevation 256 m (840 ft)

Can you kayak on Loch an Eilein?

Loch An Eilein must surely be a world-class kayaking destination and comes highly recommended by this newbie two-time kayaker…

Where can I wild camp in Aviemore?

Re: Aviemore wild camping weekend in June There is the option of the Corrour Bothy and there is camping space outside it for a few tents, also a basic toilet. You can also camp at Derry Lodge and there are a couple of places before Derry Lodge by the burn in Gleann Laoich Bheag.

Can you paddle board Loch an Eilein?

Look out for wildlife, paddle round the ruined castle and hear tales of Jacobite plots and the notorious Wolf of Badenoch. Loch an Eilein canoe sessions will consist of a safety brief, teaching of basic paddling skills, a couple of fun games for all ages and then a gentle explore of the Loch and its amazing history.

Where is Loch an Eilein?

Rothiemurchus Forest
Loch an Eilein is a small irregular shaped, freshwater loch in the Rothiemurchus Forest about 5 km (3.1 mi) south of Aviemore, Scotland in Cairngorms National Park. Loch an Eilein comes from the Scottish Gaelic and means ‘Loch of the island’. The loch is considered to be beautiful and walks around it are popular.

Do you need a permit to camp in Cairngorms?

Wild camping, which is lightweight, in small numbers, away from public roads and for one or two nights is legal in the Park however we do ask you “tread lightly” and have a read of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Can you wild camp on Loch Morlich?

Yes, wild camping is permitted at Loch Morlich and you can even camp near the shore on the east bank. Wild camping is not permitted on the north and northeast shores. Fires and barbecues are strictly prohibited at Loch Morlich. Only 2-3 nights stay is permitted in one location.

Are there toilets at Loch an Eilein?

Many happy memories at this Loch. Easy location with onsite parking, toilets, and a little shop.