Who was the worst American general?

Who was the worst American general?

But the worst of all was McClellan, the so-called “Young Napoleon” from whom Lincoln and the Union expected great things. McClellan was a superb organizer, a West Point-trained engineer who did much to build the Union army almost from scratch.

Who were the worst generals of all time?

9 Worst Generals in History

  • Quintus Servilius Caepio.
  • Gideon Pillow.
  • Francisco Solano López.
  • Douglas Haig.
  • Erich Ludendorff.
  • George McClellan.
  • Pierre-Charles-Jean-Baptiste-Silvestre de Villeneuve.
  • Antonio López de Santa Anna.

Who was the worst general in the American Revolution?

Thomas Conway // Major General Thomas Conway, always associated with the so-called Conway Cabal, was described by Alexander Hamilton as a “villainous calumniator and incendiary.” Nathanael Greene considered him a worthless soldier. This Irish volunteer, by way of France, was one who constantly lobbied for promotion.

Who were the worst Confederate generals?

Ambrose Burnside. Burnside’s failures are some of the most infamous of the conflict, and some consider him one of the worst Civil War generals on both sides of the conflict. He seemed to have no tactical gifts whatsoever.

Who is the greatest general ever?

Napoleon Bonaparte After 43 battles, he has a WAR score of more than 16, which blows the competition away. There can be no question: Napoleon is the greatest tactical general of all time, and the math proves it.

Did General Gates hate Washington?

Conway Cabal Gates attempted to maximize his political return on the victory, particularly as George Washington was having no present successes with the main army. In fact, Gates insulted Washington by sending reports directly to Congress instead of to Washington, his commanding officer.

What was the worst military defeat in history?

Second World War

  • Battle of Singapore (February 1942). It was the largest surrender of Commonwealth troops in history and destroyed the linchpin of the American-British-Dutch-Australian Command.
  • Battle of Midway (1942). One of the turning points of World War II.
  • Battle of Stalingrad (winter of 1942–43).

Who is the best general ever?

Who was the greatest US general ever?

Who are the Five Greatest Generals in U.S. History?

  • Here’s What You Need to Remember: Each was great in his own way, in the circumstances of his time and in the qualities that America needed.
  • George Washington:
  • Winfield Scott:
  • Ulysses Grant:
  • George Marshall:
  • Matthew Ridgway: