Who wins Ultimate Fighter Episode 5?

Who wins Ultimate Fighter Episode 5?

Lachinov – The decision. After two rounds, the judges unanimously declared Battle the winner of the fight, notching the first win of the season for Team Volkanovski. Battle’s variety of quick strikes and takedown defense propelled him to victory.

Who won TUF The Smashes?

In this fight, Nelson wowed UFC fans worldwide with his ability to take a beating, but did not take a single round as dos Santos pummeled him for the full 15 minutes and took a unanimous decision win.

What season is Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva?

That was the second time that Silva and Sonnen coached an Ultimate Fighter season….

The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3
Created by Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White
Starring Dana White, Wanderlei Silva, and Chael Sonnen

How many episodes is The Ultimate Fighter?

150The Ultimate Fighter / Number of episodes

Who Wins The Ultimate Fighter season 29?

Bryan Battle
Bryan Battle, winner of Season 29 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” will square off with the show’s original finalist, Tresean Gore, at UFC Fight Night on Feb. 5.

Who has beaten Wanderlei Silva?

Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen Defeats Wanderlei Silva Via Unanimous Decision at Bellator 180. After more than a decade of smack talk, “The American Gangster” Chael Sonnen claimed a unanimous-decision victory over “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva in the main event of Bellator 180 from Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday …

Who won Wanderlei Silva vs Sonnen?

‘” Sonnen and Silva never actually fought in UFC; however, they eventually settled their rivalry Bellator 180 on June 24, 2017, with Sonnen winning a unanimous decision. Finished reading this story?

What season did Whittaker win TUF?

He is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is a former UFC Middleweight Champion. A professional MMA competitor since 2009, Whittaker was a contestant on the first series of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes and won the welterweight tournament.

Where is the ultimate fighter filmed?

The show features professional MMA fighters living together in Las Vegas, Nevada, and follows them as they train and compete against each other for a prized six-figure contract with the UFC.

Who won Wanderlei vs Sonnen?

The one and only Chael Sonnen bounced back with a victory over Wanderlei Silva at #Bellator180 and added a 2️⃣9️⃣th win to his career. Watch him in action once more when 🔌 Bellator Recharged ⚡️ hits CBS Sports Network Saturday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Why did Sonnen and Silva fight?

Sonnen and Silva’s blood feud came to a boiling point while coaching opposite teams on TUF: Brazil 3 in 2014. A pre-weigh-in altercation turned physical when Sonnen took down an advancing Silva, leading to a pull-apart brawl.