Who won Ippo vs VOLG?

Who won Ippo vs VOLG?

Volg got back up, remembering that he took up boxing to become strong like a wolf. Volg guarded against Ippo’s attacks at the ropes until Volg clinched. When the clinch broke, the two exchanged hits until the gong sounded ending the fourth round. Volg getting defeated by a Gazelle Punch.

Why did Ippo retire from boxing?

In the story, IPPO shows symptoms of « chronic traumatic encephalopathy » (CTE), and he decides to retire. He currently serves as a trainer for other boxers.

Is VOLG stronger than Sendo?

Volg is just stronger. Not stronger, but better , sendo is stronger , but volg more technical fighter, better skills 🙂 What if Ippo was fighting Vorg for a title?

How many times has Ippo lost?

His current record as a professional boxer is 26 matches, 23 wins and 3 losses with all 23 victories by KO, and at his peak he had held the seventh ranking in the WBC.

Why did Miyata lose to Mashiba?

Due to Mashiba stepping on Miyata’s foot, Miyata is unable to do footwork nor put weight into his counter.

Who is Volg’s mother in Hajime no Ippo?

Volg’s Mother is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo . She is the deceased mother of Alexander Volg Zangief. She is what drives her son Volg to fight in the ring.

Why is Volg so weak against Ippo?

Because of Volg’s extreme talent, he had never gone more than two rounds before his match with Ippo, and as a result he became tired much faster than Ippo. He seems to have repaired this weakness, however, since he was able to take Sendō to decision.

Can Volg beat Makunouchi Ippo?

It is mentioned by Coach Kamogawa that, had he fought in his natural out-boxing stance, Volg would’ve easily defeated Makunouchi Ippo, Sendō Takeshi, and even Date Eiji. In fact, Volg knocked out Ippo (who was then the Japanese champion and a world ranker) in a sparring match during his hiatus from pro boxing.

Why did Volg keep using the Hien?

Volg was instructed by Dankichi to keep using the Hien even though Elliot figured out the motion, predicting that there is hope lying beyond Volg enduring his mind and body getting chipped away by Elliot.