Why did Eva remove river?

Why did Eva remove river?

She didn’t ‘delete’ River, that’s what Neil thought she did. She merely moved her during the secondary school period in time. As well as moving River, Eva also stopped Joey from dying.

Why did Neil have painkillers to the moon?

He takes painkillers to relieve the intense periodic pain he experiences because of the disease, lying to people about it as he didn’t want them to worry: the disease can take a turn for the worse and become fatal at any time.

What is Faye finding paradise?

Faye is a major character in Finding Paradise. Initially, she seems to be Colin Reeds’ childhood friend, but is later revealed to be a figment of Colin’s imagination. She returns in Impostor Factory as a major character.

Did Johnny make it to the moon?

Ever since River died, Johnny became obsessed with the idea of going to the moon due to his subconscious desire to keep the promise he made to River all those years ago, but was unable to do so due to his age. He decided to hire the Sigmund Corporation to grant him one last wish: to go to the moon.

Is to the moon a horror game?

To the Moon is a psychological drama adventure game developed and published by Freebird Games.

Is there a game after Finding Paradise?

It’s been a quiet couple of years since Freebird Games released Finding Paradise, but now the adventure game developer has announced its next game, which happens to be set in the same universe as its most popular games. It’s called Impostor Factory, and it’s very mysterious.

What disease does River have into the moon?

River, who is implied to have Asperger syndrome, would never directly tell Johnny about their first meeting.

Why did John go to the moon?

Does To the Moon have multiple endings?

No, the choices make no difference to the overall story. The choice of character in the beginning is only temporary, and doesn’t change much – once you connect to the machine, everything else is the same. (source: played the game multiple times, because it’s so great :D).

What was River’s illness in To the Moon?

She is autistic (referred to as a pervasive developmental disorder in-game, implied to “have” Asperger’s Syndrome.

Is there a sequel to Finding Paradise?

Finding Paradise is an adventure game developed and published by Freebird Games. Serving as a sequel to To the Moon and A Bird Story, the story continues with doctors Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts as they help to fulfill a wish for Colin Reeds, who is now a bedridden old man….

Finding Paradise
Mode(s) Single-player

Why did river make rabbits?

Basically, River is desperately making paper rabbits to get Johnny to remember something that Johnny took medication to forget and neither of them know any better. The bi-colored rabbit is just a last ditch attempt by River to get Johnny to remember there first meeting.