Why was the Iron Curtain created?

Why was the Iron Curtain created?

Iron Curtain, the political, military, and ideological barrier erected by the Soviet Union after World War II to seal off itself and its dependent eastern and central European allies from open contact with the West and other noncommunist areas.

What was life behind the Iron Curtain like?

The whole region of Eastern Europe functioned as a kind of open-air prison, and anyone attempting to leave was punished brutally—often by bullets or landmines in the “Death Strip” along the border. Liberty is precious and requires defending. Propaganda is powerful but can be defeated by quiet truth.

What happened when the Iron Curtain fell?

The Fall of the Iron Curtain and the beginning of a new chapter in our history. The Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 paved the way for the reunification of Germany and reunification of Europe after more than 40 years of political and economic division between the West and the East.

How did Iron Curtain lead to Cold War?

The Iron Curtain described hard borders between Eastern Europe and the rest of the continent during the Cold War. These borders were formed in the years after World War II, as Soviet-controlled regimes in the East sought to tighten control and prevent both emigration and infiltration.

Who made the Iron Curtain?

Churchill’s famed “Iron Curtain” speech ushered in the Cold War and made the term a household phrase.

How long was the Iron Curtain?

The Iron Curtain is a term describing the political boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991.

Was the Iron Curtain an actual wall?

The Iron Curtain was not actually a physical wall in most places, but it separated the communist and capitalist countries. The Berlin wall on the other hand was actually a wall that was built right through the middle of Berlin the capital of Germany.

Was the Iron Curtain guarded?

The Iron Curtain wasn’t simply a phrase made famous by Winston Churchill to describe the line separating the Soviet-dominated eastern Europe from the sovereign nations of the west. It was literally a guarded barrier that millions of people couldn’t cross because they were imprisoned in their home countries.

How long did it take for the Iron Curtain to fall?

What countries were under the Iron Curtain?

The Europan countries which were considered to be “behind the Iron Curtain” included: Poland, Estearn Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and the Soviet Union.