Can you lay insulation on attic floor?

Can you lay insulation on attic floor?

Without removing the flooring, you have the option of blowing loose-fill insulation (fiberglass or cellulose fiber) over the top of the floor. This, of course, would preclude using the area for storage. But if that isn’t a problem, then covering the floor with insulation would be one relatively easy solution.

Does foil in the attic work?

Radiant barriers are more effective in hot climates than in cool climates, especially when cooling air ducts are located in the attic. Some studies show that radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs 5% to 10% when used in a warm, sunny climate.

Do you need an air gap for foil insulation?

You MUST have an air gap in order to get either the emissivity quality or the reflectivity quality that you’re looking for, otherwise the foil will not work as a radiant barrier.

Will aluminum foil work as a radiant barrier?

Aluminum foil has the radiant barrier properties of high reflectivity and low emissivity. That means the foil reflects much of the roof’s heat back upward. The low emissivity property of the foil reduces the amount of heat that the foil radiates on through to the attic insulation below.

What should I put on my attic floor?

An attic can be floored with 1/2″ CDX plywood, if it is being used only for storage. However, the same can’t be said if you are planning on using the space as a living space. In that case, you will need to use 3/4″ thick plywood. As an alternative, 3/4” OSB can be used.

Can I insulate on top of floorboards?

If you are insulating an existing concrete floor, then insulation can be added over the top of the floor. If the solid floor is being removed or the project is a new build then it is possible to insulate beneath the solid floor.

How can I reduce the heat in my attic?

4 Ways to Reduce Attic Heat in Your Home

  1. Seal spaces around plumbing, recessed lights and vents. Your attic can get as hot as 150 degrees in the summer.
  2. Install adequate insulation. Start by examining the insulation that is already in your attic.
  3. Install gable vents.
  4. Get an attic fan, and have it serviced regularly.

Which way do you face foil insulation?

If you’re wondering whether to put the foil side of foam insulation board shiny side in or out, consider whether you want to make the space inside warmer or cooler. If you want to make the space warmer, the foil should face inside so it can reflect radiant heat back into the room.

Does aluminum foil insulate cold?

AdvertisementAluminium foil is used to keep food warm, soft coolers cold and is even used in housing insulation and space blankets for hikers. But as a metal doesn’t this mean it conducts heat well?…It Reflects Thermal Radiation.

Material Emissivity
Aluminium foil 0.03
Aluminium, anodized 0.9
Asphalt 0.88
Brick 0.90

What’s the R value of aluminum foil?

Most brands of foil-faced bubble wrap are only 3/8 inch thick or less, and have an R-value of only 1.0 or 1.1.