Where is Jonathan Franzen now?

Where is Jonathan Franzen now?

Franzen lives in Santa Cruz, California, with his “spouse-equivalent”, writer Kathy Chetkovich.

What is Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen about?

A tour de force of interwoven perspectives and sustained suspense, its action largely unfolding on a single winter day, Crossroads is the story of a Midwestern family at a pivotal moment of moral crisis. Jonathan Franzen’s gift for melding the small picture and the big picture has never been more dazzlingly evident.

Is Crossroads going to be a trilogy?

Jonathan Franzen’s new novel, “Crossroads,” is the first in a projected trilogy, which is reason to be wary. Good trilogies rarely announce themselves as such at the start.

How old is Jonathan Franzen?

62 years (August 17, 1959)Jonathan Franzen / Age

How much does Jonathan Franzen make?

Jonathan Franzen Net Worth: Jonathan Franzen in an American novelist and essayist who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Jonathan Franzen is probably most famous for being a National Book Award winning author and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Is Jonathan Franzen still writing?

With the grandest-sounding novel of 2021. Two years ago, Jonathan Franzen told the New York Times that he was working on his sixth novel, and that it would be his last, because “he doesn’t know if anyone really has more than six fully realised novels in them”.

Where should I start with Jonathan Franzen?

For beginners: If you’re just starting out with Jonathan Franzen, you’ve probably heard about his most famous novel, The Corrections. Logically, it’s best to start here.

What genre is Crossroads book?

Family saga
Domestic Fiction

What should I read after Crossroads?

5 books not to miss: Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Crossroads,’ Amor Towles ‘Lincoln Highway’

  • “ Crossroads,” by Jonathan Franzen (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, fiction)
  • “ The Lincoln Highway,” by Amor Towles (Viking, fiction)
  • “ I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness,” by Claire Vaye Watkins (Riverhead, fiction)

Where does Franzen’s Crossroads take place?

New Prospect, Illinois
His sixth novel, Crossroads was published on October 5, 2021. It is a family saga set during the 1970s and centers on the Hildebrandt family in the fictional small town of New Prospect, Illinois. It was first announced on November 13, 2020, by Franzen’s publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Where did Jonathan Franzen go to college?

Freie Universität Berlin1981–1982
Swarthmore College
Jonathan Franzen/College

Where did Jonathan Franzen go to school?

Swarthmore CollegeWebster Groves High School
Jonathan Franzen/Education