How thick should skirting boards be?

How thick should skirting boards be?

If you’re going for a modern look, the 15mm or 18mm thickness would be ideal. If you are looking for a more traditional look and feel, 25mm thickness is the way to go (a lot of old skirting boards and architraves are at least this thick!).

What is the best wood to use for skirting boards?

There are many wood types such as softwood (Pine in this example) & hardwoods such as Oak. However, MDF is the most popular choice for making skirting boards today.

Should I screw or nail skirting?

Using Nails (Or Pins) To Fix The Skirting To The Wall For a secure fit, nails are a good option – especially when used in conjunction with adhesive. If you choose to use nails, we’d recommend adhering the skirting to the wall with adhesive first and then pinning the skirting with the nails.

How high should skirting boards be from floor?

Generally, new builds will have plain skirting that tends to be around 120mm in height. This helps the company building the houses keep costs down. It also helps with handling the boards and speeding up the installation process.

Are oak skirting boards any good?

Oak wood is strong and durable with an attractive light colour and prominent grain. It feels hard and smooth which is ideal for skirting, so it provides a strong and elegant finish, particularly if varnished to bring out its natural features.

What is best material for skirting boards?

Natural is always the best option, and if you are looking for REAL timber, FJ Pine is the most sustainable and economical option. If you’re looking for a traditional feel with stained or raw timber skirting, then hardwood is the top choice.

How do you keep oak from turning orange?

Apply Treatex Hardwax Oil They offer a wide variety of colour tones that can either darken the oak, keep it lighter shades or even more white washed options. The colour tones are then finished with a hard wearing layer of Treatex Clear Hardwax oil.

How thick is an oak skirting board?

20mm thick Oak Skirting Boards with Torus design, unfinished, allowing you to choose the exact finish you need for your Skirting Boards to finish your room decoration or match the Architrave of your choice. We Offer a Cable Management Service for your Wires, Cables and Pipes.

Why choose bullnose oak skirting board?

Bullnose Oak Skirting Board is widely used by both trade professionals and private buyers and is one of our more popular profiles. With a single, simple radius the bullnose architrave provides a crisp clean finish that will never go out of style. The bullnose is low maintenance, easy to clean and versatile enough to compliment any interior.

What is the weight of Goodhome skirting board?

GoodHome Planed Natural Pine Torus Softwood Skirting board (L)2.4m (W)119mm (T)15mm (Dia)119mm 2.91kg Metsä Wood Primed White MDF Chamfered Skirting board (L)2.4m (W)119mm (T)14.5mm GoodHome Planed Natural Pine Ogee Softwood Skirting board (L)2.4m (W)144mm (T)19.5mm 4.55kg

Why choose our chamfer oak skirting board?

Our chamfer oak skirting board incorporates a rounded finish to the chamfered edge which softens the profile from a visual perspective, and increases the durability and longevity of the architrave. This is a solid wood… Our Colonial Skirting Board is a replica of a design that was common in the late 18th century.