Who is Zkdlin?

Who is Zkdlin?

Kai uses the account name “zkdlin,” which spells out ‘Kai’ in Korean (카이) along with ‘in. ‘ He did not use Kai, or his real name Kim Jong-in, in his account name, and it doesn’t have a profile photo yet.

Does exo Kai have Instagram?

He’s already got 1 million followers! EXO’s Kai has returned to Instagram in spectacular fashion, racking up 1 million followers in less than 24 hours! The 24-year-old first joined Instagram back in 2015, only to delete his account a few weeks later.

Where is ZTAO now?

According to Chinese media, EXO’s former member Tao (real name Huang Zi Tao), who is currently active in China, is dating a Korean girl.

What is Lee Min Ho’s Instagram?

이민호 leeminho (@actorleeminho) • Instagram photos and videos.

Does Kai have tattoos?

Kai was also asked if anything has happened to him lately as “Kim Jongin” instead of Kai, and he pointed out the fake tattoos he got which were based off his father’s drawings. When asked if he’d ever get a real tattoo, Kai said, “No, never.”

What is Skawngur?

1. Nam Joo Hyuk. If you think Nam Joo Hyuk’s IG handle is a random keyboard smash, you’re wrong. @skawngur is actually the English equivalent of his name when you type it on a Korean keyboard!

Who is Cpop King?

Huang Zitao
Whether you know him as Exo’s former maknae, Tao, or by his nickname “King of C-pop”, there’s no denying that Z. Tao, or Huang Zitao, is a most talented entertainer.

Is Z. Tao a billionaire?

Chinese idol singer Huang Zitao seems set to inherit assets worth a jaw-dropping $20 billion yuan (S$4 billion) with the passing of his father Huang Zhongdong. The elder Huang died on Sept 11 due to an illness at the age of 52. His death was confirmed by Chinese entertainment company L.

Is Lee Min Ho real?

Lee Min-ho (Korean: 이민호; Hanja: 李敏鎬, born June 22, 1987) is a South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director and businessman….

Lee Min-ho
Born June 22, 1987 Seoul, South Korea
Alma mater Konkuk University
Occupation Actor singer model
Years active 2003–present