Is product management a growing career?

Is product management a growing career?

Product management is a growing and dynamic field with great opportunities for career advancement and professional development. And if you’re a problem solver with big ideas and a talent for leadership, it might even be the job for you.

What is the career progression of a product manager?

After a few successful years (typically 3 -5) of working as a product manager, you can move up to the Senior Product Manager role. The responsibility of a Senior Product Manager is similar to that of the mid-level PM role. However, Senior PMs will usually have some PMs or APMs working under them.

Are product managers in demand?

With an explosion in products expected this decade, “product managers are in greater demand than ever before,” reports Forbes. A study that found a 32% increase in product manager jobs between 2017 and 2019 confirmed for many that the world has entered a Golden Age of Product Management.

What is the next position after product manager?

Chief Product Officer If your organization has a CPO, that might be the next logical step for an experienced VP of Product. Chief Product Officer is either an expanded variation of the VP of Product role or one that oversees many VPs of product rolling up to one product leader.

Is product management a good career 2021?

The Positives. Career — The product management profession will be further recognized as a lifelong career and a stepping stone to an executive management position. Certification — Product management will be spared the certification inflation phenomena that has plagued the Agile and IT worlds.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as a product manager?

Example,“In five years I’d like to be managing and helping other product managers to achieve their goals, and this company offers opportunity X, which will give me valuable experience in managing others.” Truly not the best example, but I hope you get the point, which is that your 5 year vision includes working for …

Are product managers respected?

Product managers are amongst the highest-compensated, most well-respected professions in the world today, even though they’re among the least understood. In business schools around the world, MBA students have set their sights on product management as their dream job.