What is the story of The Magic Flute?

What is the story of The Magic Flute?

Tamino, a prince lost in a foreign land, is being pursued by an enormous monster. He is rescued by three mysterious ladies, who kill the monster and give Tamino a picture of Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night, with whom he falls instantly in love.

What is the Magic Flute in the art of essay?

The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) The plot to Mozart’s The Magic Flute has been described as a curious combination of political satire, naïve humor, and the symbolism of Freemasonry, all set in ancient Egypt at the Temple of Isis.

What is the theme of The Magic Flute?

Its story celebrates the main themes of masonry: good vs. evil, enlightenment vs. ignorance, and the virtues of knowledge, justice, wisdom and truth.

Why was The Magic Flute important?

The Magic Flute is noted for its prominent Masonic elements. Schikaneder and Mozart were Masons and lodge brothers, as was Ignaz Alberti, engraver and printer of the first libretto. The opera is also influenced by Enlightenment philosophy, and can be regarded as an allegory advocating enlightened absolutism.

What is the symbolic number in The Magic Flute?

One of the symbols particularly prominent in The Magic Flute is three. Three is an important symbol to the Freemasons that represents balance and order. Three ladies, three trials, three spirits, three doors, and much of the music is composed in E-flat major that has three flats in its key signature.

Who are the three ladies in The Magic Flute?


Role Voice type Premiere cast, 30 September 1791 Conductor: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Three ladies 3 sopranos Mlle Klöpfer, Mlle Hofmann, Elisabeth Schack
Monostatos tenor Johann Joseph Nouseul
Three child-spirits soprano Anna Schikaneder; Anselm Handelgruber; Franz Anton Maurer
Speaker of the temple bass Herr Winter

What is the circle of sun in The Magic Flute?

MacGuffin: The Sevenfold Circle of the Sun. To acquire it, The Queen of the Night urges her daughter Pamina to kill Sarastro. Magical Flutist: Naturally, and there are also magic bells involved.

What is Mozart’s The Magic Flute about how many acts is this opera?

two acts
The Magic Flute, German Die Zauberflöte, singspiel in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with a German libretto by Austrian actor and theatrical producer Emanuel Schikaneder.

What are the dynamics of The Magic Flute?

Dynamics: starting in piano (soft) then crescendo (gradually gets louder to forte (loud). Section B – The Queen of the Night begins singing in a recitative style. She uses this technique to speak directly to the audience and get their attention. It also sets the scene for the plot.

Is the Queen of the Night evil?

The Queen of the Night (Konigin der Nacht in German) is the main villainess in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s famous 1791 opera Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).