Who did Josh Mandel marry?

Who did Josh Mandel marry?

Ilana ShafranJosh Mandel / Spouse (m. 2008–2020)

Where did Josh Mandel go to high school?

Case Western Reserve University School of Law Office of Admissions
Beachwood High SchoolThe Ohio State UniversityCase Western Reserve University
Josh Mandel/Education

How old is Josh Mandel?

44 years (September 27, 1977)Josh Mandel / Age

What political offices has Josh Mandel held?

Ohio State TreasurerJosh Mandel / Previous office (2011–2019)The treasurer of the U.S. state of Ohio is responsible for collecting and safeguarding taxes and fees, as well as managing state investments. The Treasury was located in the Ohio Statehouse from 1861 to 1974, when it was moved to the Rhodes State Office Tower. Wikipedia

Did Josh Mandel divorce his wife?

Mandel was married to social worker Ilana Shafran in August 2008 in Jerusalem. In April 2020, Mandel and Shafran filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in June 2020 and all records were sealed until 2021 when details regarding finances, custody of their three children, and child support were released.

Who’s running for Senate in Ohio?

November 8, 2022

Nominee J. D. Vance Tim Ryan
Party Republican Democratic

Who is Ohio’s senators?

Robert Jones PortmanSince 2011
Sherrod Brown (Democratic Party)

Is Josh Mandel still married?

Who ran for Ohio governor 2018?

2018 Ohio gubernatorial election

Nominee Mike DeWine Richard Cordray
Party Republican Democratic
Running mate Jon Husted Betty Sutton
Popular vote 2,235,825 2,070,046
Percentage 50.4% 46.7%

Is Ohio Josh Mandel married?

Does Josh Mandel have a wife?

Ilana ShafranJosh Mandel / Wife (m. 2008–2020)

What district is Rob Portman?

Senator (OH) since 2011Robert Jones Portman / Office