Are Wharfedale speakers still made?

Are Wharfedale speakers still made?

Wharfedale-branded speakers are still made by the original firm.

Is Wharfedale made in China?

Even the bolts that attach the drivers to the cabinets are made by Wharfedale. Its 1.5 million square foot factory is in Shenzhen, China, but design and engineering come from the U.K., where there is a 50-person research and development team.

Who owns audio lab?

Audiolab is a British manufacturer of audio equipment. It specializes in affordable systems and has a range of stereo and surround sound systems. During its ownership under McLaren Group it was named TAGMcLaren Audio.

What is Hi-Fi?

High fidelity (often shortened to Hi-Fi or HiFi) is the high-quality reproduction of sound. It is important to audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts.

Are Wharfedale speakers active?

These are not true active speakers as they use passive crossovers after one amplifier per channel rather than a line level crossover driving separate amplifiers per driver, but they do have a built in amplifier which makes them convenient for many purposes.

Is Wharfedale an audiophile?

The upper Wharfedale ranges like Jade, Opus, Evo and Diamond are outstanding audiophile class speakers. Then there is the real junk like the Zaldeks. I once owned a full 5.0 set of Diamond 9’s anchored by the flagship 9.6’s up front. These were very well designed, built and sounding speakers for the money.

Are Wharfedale speakers any good?

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 is a beautiful, well-constructed speaker that clearly demonstrates how far this market segment has come. It sets a new standard for build quality at this price range. Soundwise, it does things unimaginable at this price even a year ago.

What is it about the Wharfedale Lintons?

“The Wharfedale Lintons merge a refined, elegantly detailed, full-range sound with a magnetic personality that made me want to play records—made me want to listen longer, and to understand more of what I was listening to.”

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