Can you surf at Stradbroke Island?

Can you surf at Stradbroke Island?

Surfing at Straddie is a fabulous option for any dedicated surfer. The island boasts stunning views, great waves and a range of other fantastic activities including four-wheel driving, bushwalking, cycling tracks and fishing trips.

Where can you surf on North Stradbroke Island?

Where to swim, surf and eat according to the North Straddie…

  • Cylinder Beach.
  • Main Beach.
  • Main Beach.
  • Frenchmans Beach.
  • Cylinder Beach.
  • The Gorge Walk.
  • The Point Bar.
  • Stop for a bite to eat.

Can you surf in far north Queensland?

Surfing is not normally considered in the northern part of Queensland. The Great Barrier Reefs runs along the northern coastline and blocks out most of the swells. The last of the surfable waves end in the waters around 1770 and Agnes Waters. You may find some impressive waves on the outer reef of Far North Queensland.

Can you go to North Stradbroke Island without a car?

Getting to the Island. The island can be accessed by water taxi or vehicle ferry. You don’t need a 4WD to get on the car ferry and if you’re staying for a few days it’s a great idea to take your car for ease of movement around the island.

Is it safe to swim at Stradbroke island?

Yes, you can certainly swim on Straddie – but just make sure you stick to the lifeguard patrolled beaches when you do!

Is Stradbroke island safe?

People have suffered serious injuries in water-related accidents. There are no patrolled swimming areas on South Stradbroke Island. Avoid tragedy. Always stay with children when near water.

Can you surf at Point Lookout?

North Stradbroke – Pt Lookout on the Gold Coast is a fairly exposed point break that has consistent surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat.

Why is there no surf in Cairns?

The Cairns beaches are great for swimming and a relaxing day by the sea. But finding a decent surfing spot will be hard here due to the lack of waves. The Great Barrier Reef absorbs waves and obstructs swells from reaching the coast.

Can you surf 4 Mile beach?

Breaking waves will often be smaller at less exposed spots. 4 Mile Beach and Point surf forecast is for near shore open water. Breaking waves will often be smaller at less exposed spots.

Is Stradbroke Island worth visiting?

The colour and clarity of the water blows you away. It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Straddie, it blows me away. There is also a protected beach available to you for just about any conditions.

Can you swim in Brown Lake Stradbroke Island?

To swim in the lake we have to ask for permission; To enter and enjoy without any further discussion. We are not permitted to swim to the centre of the lake, It is where her spirit lies and sometimes she’s awake.