How do you write a CBEST essay?

How do you write a CBEST essay?

How to Write the CBEST Expository Essay in 5 Steps

  1. Take a stand.
  2. Write the thesis statement.
  3. Write the support (body of the essay)
  4. Write the conclusion.
  5. Write an introductory sentence.

How do I prepare for the CBEST writing section?

How Should I Prepare for the Writing Section of the CBEST? You should aim to write at least two or three full practice essays leading up to the exam. Don’t just write on any topic, however, choose something that is similar to the kinds of topics you might be given on the CBEST.

Does the CBEST have an essay?

The California Basic Educational Skills Test, or CBEST, is a four-hour exam divided into three different sections – a multiple choice Reading section, a multiple choice Mathematics section, and a Writing section with two essays.

What is the writing portion of the CBEST like?

The CBEST Writing exam may take up the majority of your testing time. Unlike other writing exams, there is no multiple choice section whatsoever. Rather, you will be presented with two distinct writing prompts, which you must reply to with a full, five-paragraph essay.

How long does the CBEST writing take?


CBEST Quick Facts
Test Content: Reading, Mathematics and Writing (3 separate subtests)
Time to complete: Computer-based and online-proctored test: 1 hour and 30 minutes each for Reading and Writing subtests; 2 hours for Mathematics subtest. Paper-based test: 4 hours for one, two or all three subtests.

Can you use scratch paper on CBEST?

Do not bring any of the following to your test center: food, drinks, pens, pencils, scratch paper, textbooks, cellphones, smart watches, calculators or recording devices.

Is the CBEST writing hard?

Only 66.9% to 75.1% of individuals passed the CBEST Writing subtest on their first attempt, which indicates that this is the most challenging subtest for many test-takers.

What is a passing CBEST writing score?

Passing Scores for the CBEST The CBEST math passing score is a scaled score of 41; the CBEST reading passing score is also 41, and so is the passing scaled score for the writing section. In total, a candidate must have a scaled score of at least 123 to pass the CBEST test.

How long does the CBEST Writing take?