Which is the richest matatu Sacco in Kenya?

Which is the richest matatu Sacco in Kenya?

Female CEO running largest Matatu sacco in Kenya The largest saccos include 2NK Sacco, Matatu Owners of Mombasa Sacco, and Nairobi’s Embassava Sacco. As of 2019 before the transport industry was disrupted by the pandemic, the matatu sector had a turnover of Sh400 billion per annum.

What are matatu SACCOs?

Today, an individual matatu must be associated with one of over 600 independent, government-registered groups known as a SACCOs. As of late 2010, Kenyan government policy is to phase out minibus matatu in the capital city Nairobi in favour of larger buses seating twenty five or more.

Who owns 2NK Sacco?

Anne Wanjohi – Chief Executive Officer – 2NK SACCO | LinkedIn.

How much does a matatu owner earn per day?

How much do matatu owners earn per day? Matatu owners earn 3,000 – 10,000 shillings after fueling for the next day and paying the crew. Matatu owners differ in earnings depending on the type of matatu, location of operation, and the number of matatus owned.

How much is a new 14 seater matatu in Kenya?

about Sh2.4 million
A 14-seater costs about Sh2. 4 million.”

How do I join matatu Saccos in Kenya?

Sacco registration Once you identify the route you want to operate in, you will need to identify a matatu Sacco to join. Saccos are a mandatory requirement for all matatus. They act as a lobby and also protect business owners. Sacco registration might cost from Sh20,000 to Sh50,000 based on capacity and route.

How do I register my transport Sacco in Kenya?


  1. Formal request in writing with intent for the formation of a Sacco.
  2. Proposed names for search and approval;
  3. Objects of the society;
  4. The number of members in the society (At least 10 members);
  5. The names, occupation and postal addresses of the Chairman, treasurer and secretary;

How much is a new 14-seater matatu in Kenya?

How much does it cost to join 2nk Sacco?

Kshs 30,000
Minimum amount to invest is Kshs 30,000. Withdrawal is done on intervals of three months ,nine months and after one year. A member can access loan with the fixed amount acting as a security of up to 80% of the loan.

How much does a 14 seater matatu make in a day?

A 14 seater matatu makes an approximate revenue of 3,500 shillings.

How much does a matatu driver earn in Kenya?

One can make between Sh6,000 and Sh10,000 after fuelling for next day and paying the crew. This translates to up to Sh250,000 per month if you factor in days off for crew.