What causes 700R4 not to shift out of first gear?

What causes 700R4 not to shift out of first gear?

Either the T.V. piston is sticking in the valve body (common) or the T.V. cable isn’t operating properly.

What does a governor do on a 700R4 transmission?

The transmission governor on a 700R4 is used to regulate the speed at which the transmission shifts into the next higher or lower gear. It accomplishes this through the use of two sets of centrifugal weights, each a different weight.

How do you adjust a 700R4 cable?

Adjustment procedure (self-adjusting cable)

  1. Stop the engine.
  2. Depress the adjusting tab and move the slider back through the fitting away from the carburetor until it stops.
  3. Release the adjustment tab.
  4. Move the throttle linkage to rest against the full throttle stop, then release it .

How many forward gears does a 700R4 have?

GM’s 700R4 Transmission The 700R4, also known as Turbo Hydra-Matic, is a 4-speed automatic transmission that was launched by General Motors in the early 1980s. It is an upgrade to the 3-speed TH350 automatic transmission and older models of rear-wheel-drive cars.

How much is a 700R4 transmission?

700R4 Transmission – $1,595| 5-Year Warranty.

How do you make a 700R4 shift faster?

When you press the cable adjuster release button, pull the cable adjuster forward a few clicks. This will cause the transmission to shift earlier. If the transmission shifts too early, grab the cable adjuster so it doesn’t move, press the release button, and move the cable back toward the bracket a few clicks.

At what speed does a 700R4 shift?

We will say that, when properly adjusted, the First-to-Second shift should occur at 15-20 mph; Second-to-Third shift at 25-30 mph; and Third-to-Fourth shift at 40-45 mph.

What does it cost to rebuild a 700R4 transmission?

Automatic transmissions are not filled with magic voodoo no matter what the local transmission shop tells you. We called around to see what a rebuilt TH700R4 would cost us if we brought the unit down to the local shop and had them go through it. We were quoted prices from $550 to $1,500.