What is Project Prometheus Smallville?

What is Project Prometheus Smallville?

Project Prometheus is a LuthorCorp Nanotechnology Division project intended for the survival of Lex Luthor and allow him to recover from his injuries that he sustained from the Fortress of Solitude’s collapse. It was headed up by Dr. Edward Groll, a scientist that Lex Luthor hired to investigate alien technology.

Who played Lex Luthor in Smallville Season 8?

Michael Rosenbaum
Following the news that “Smallville” has been picked up for its tenth season and recent hints in “Absolute Justice” that Lex Luthor survived his apparent death in Season 8, speculation has mounted that Michael Rosenbaum would return to the series and reprise his role as Clark Kent’s greatest nemesis.

Why is Lex not in Smallville Season 8?

According to the actor in a 2016 interview with Empire, he’d met with Warner Brothers president John Roth who was keen to have him stay on Smallville for a couple more seasons but simply felt that – after seven years playing Lex – it was time to move on from the character and try something new.

What episode does Lana come back in Season 8?

In the season eight episode “Power”, it is revealed that Lana really returned so that she could steal Lex’s “Prometheus” technology for herself, which harnesses alien DNA into a nanite “super-suit” to give the wearer superhuman abilities.

What power does Chloe have in Smallville?

the ability to heal others
The season six finale reveals that Chloe has the ability to heal others. Mack describes Chloe’s newfound meteor power as similar to “empathy”. The actress further defines the power as the ability to heal others by taking their pain and making it her own.

Did Smallville get Cancelled?

The ratings understandably dropped quite a bit but the network still renewed the show for a 10th season. The renewal had supposedly been hinging on whether or not Welling wanted to keep doing the series. The decision has now been made that season 10 will be the show’s last.

Why was Lex Luthor written off Smallville?

Michael Rosenbaum left ‘Smallville’ because he was sick of shaving his head. After staying on the show for seven seasons, Rosenbaum moved out of Smallville. One of those reasons was because the actor was simply tired of shaving his head bald for several years. Rosenbaum sat down with then Warner Bros.

Why did Kristin Kreuk leave Smallville?

As for why the departure had to happen, the reason is related to the fact that her contract ended with season 7. Plus, Kreuk wanted to “try something else” and find other work outside of Smallville (via Metro). That made sense, given that she was starting to get movie roles during her final year on the show.

Who is the main villain in Smallville season 9?

With the loss of two series regulars, producers had to look for a new primary villain for season nine. Executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson decided to use Zod, a character from the comics and Christopher Reeve Superman films.