Where is Hope River?

Where is Hope River?

The Hope River is a river of Jamaica. It flows from 15 miles north of Kingston and then forms a delta at Kingston. Hope River is situated east of Harbour Head, and southeast of Palisadoes Seaplane Landing.

Which parish is Hope River located in Jamaica?

Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
Hope River, Saint Andrew, Jamaica

Type: Stream – a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on land
Mindat.org Region: Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica
Region: Saint Andrew, Jamaica
Latitude: 18° 0′ 48″ N
Longitude: 76° 44′ 22″ W

In what direction is hope river flowing?

Principal Rivers

Rivers Length Direction of Flow
Hope River 19.6km / 12.2mi South
Morant River 25.9km / 16.1mi South-East
Plantain Garden River 34.9 / 21.7mi South
Yallahs River 36.9km / 22.9mi South

What is the main rivers in Jamaica?

Among the rivers which flow north are: Rio Grande – rises in the Blue Mountain; Wag Water – rises in the Blue Mountain; White River – emerges near Guys Hill, St. Mary; Martha Brae – rises near Windsor, Trelawny; Montego River – emerges in central St. James; Great River – flows from St. Elizabeth.

Which river in Jamaica flows to the east at Holland Bay in St Thomas?

The Plantain Garden River
The Plantain Garden River The Plantain Garden River in St. Thomas is the only important river which does not north or south. It flowing south in its upper course, then it turns east upon meeting the coastal range of hills. It then flows east through the Plantain Garden River Valley and enters the sea at Holland Bay.

Which parish in Jamaica has no river?

The parish of St. Ann, because it is chiefly of limestone formation, has no rivers in its interior.

What is the widest river in Jamaica?

The Black River is the largest (widest) river in Jamaica. It is 73 kilometers long, and for 28 kilometers from its mouth it is navigable for small vessels.

Which river is the deepest river in Jamaica?

The Rio Cobre is a river of Jamaica. Its source is unclear, the headwaters being a writhing of unnamed, seasonally dry tributaries. The highest of these rise just above the 1,750 feet (530 m) contour….

Rio Cobre
Country Jamaica
Region St Catherine
Physical characteristics
Mouth Caribbean Sea

Which river is the biggest in Jamaica?

The Rio Minho
The Rio Minho is the longest river in Jamaica at 92.8 kilometres (57.7 mi). It rises close to the island’s geographic centre, flows generally south-southwest and reaches the Caribbean Sea at Carlisle Bay in the central south coast, to the west of the island’s southernmost point, Portland Point.

Which parish has no river?

What is the coldest part of Jamaica?

The coldest is Saint James. Dued to the lesser rain the best time for traveling is from January to April. The most rain days occur from from May to October.