How much are Jem and the Holograms dolls worth?

How much are Jem and the Holograms dolls worth?


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JEM and the Holograms Countess Danielle du Voisin $395.00 Buy Now
JEM and the Holograms Glitter’n Gold Rio Pacheco 1st Edition $210.00 Buy Now
JEM and the Holograms I Am A Giant Pizzazz & Roxy GS $625.00 Buy Now
JEM and the Holograms I Like Your Style Misfit Giftset $499.99 Buy Now

What year did the Jem doll come out?

Despite this fierce competition, when Jem and the Holograms fashion dolls first landed on store shelves in March 1986, they were a hit. The Jem/Jerrica doll sold for $10-$15, wore flashing LED Jemstar earrings, and came with a pink wig to put over Jerrica’s blond hair, as well as a mic, clothes, and accessories.

How many Jem dolls are there?

As much as 24 dolls were released in the Jem doll line in the 80’s, or 27 counting the 2nd edition re-released Misfits (with only a new box and instrument), or even more counting the new dolls by Integrity Toys.

How much is a Jem?

How much does an Ibanez Jem cost?

This item Ibanez JEM JR Steve Vai Signature Pink Ibanez JEM JR Steve Vai Signature Yellow
Price $49999 $499.99$499.99
Sold By GearTree Sam Ash
Body Material Wood Wood
Fretboard Material Type Maple Ebony

Where can I buy Jem and the hologram?

Jem and the Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series (DVD) –

Who makes Jem dolls?

With the tremendous growth of music videos and their strong influence on today’s youth, Hasbro has developed JEM™, a new fashion doll and a truly outrageous rock star! The JEM concept centers around a beautiful, young woman of the ’80’s with a secret dual identity!

Is Sindy doll still made?

Hasbro returned the doll’s licence to Pedigree, and the doll was relaunched in 1999, manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. Sindy’s 40th anniversary in 2003 saw a new manufacturer, New Moons, and another relaunch and redesign….Sindy.

Type Doll
Availability 1963–Present
Slogan The doll you love to dress
Official website

Is Jem The cartoon on Netflix?

Jem and the Holograms is now streaming on Netflix.

Who owns Jem and the Holograms?

Current status of the franchise

Owner Hasbro
Print publications
Comics Jem & The Holograms Jem and the Misfits Jem & The Holograms: Infinite Jem & The Holograms: Misfits Infinite
Films and television

Are Sindy dolls worth money?

Sindy is an iconic British doll and holds a special place in many people’s hearts -there is still a definite demand for Sindy dolls and they can be worth more than you would have originally bought her for- whether she is vintage and used or new and still in the box!

Who came first Barbie or Sindy?

Exeter-based Pedigree Toys, which launched Sindy as the “girl next door” in 1963, four years after the birth of her bigger-busted rival Barbie, wants to license or share equity in the brand to restore it to its former glory.

How many Jem dolls are in the W club?

The latest Jem doll is a super-exclusive only available to members of Integrity’s own W Club and with a slim run of 500 dolls. A meticulous take on Jem’s look from the “Broadway Magic” episode, her iconic dress looks so spot-on that it proves that the new Jem line is only getting better and more adherent to its source material.

When did Jem and the Holograms stop making toys?

The “Jem and the Holograms” toy line went out production in late 1987, and the final season of the cartoon continued to air until spring 1988. In recent years, Jem has seen a revival, as the old cartoon has been popping up on cable TV and Netflix.

Are there any dolls that look like Jem and Jerrica?

But the 1985 issued Hasbro doll does include two totally on-point outfits (one for Jem, one for Jerrica) and earrings that light up. While this first doll may not be the best looking of the bunch, it did come with a series of instructions on how to style her hair for maximum coolness—both in Jem fashion and for a Jerrica look.

What is the difference between Jem and the Holograms and Barbies?

When Jem and the Holograms toys were released in March 1986, they were a little bit more expensive than Barbies, and also about one inch taller. The Jem/Jerrica doll had flashing Jemstar earrings.